What should I do if the employee’s advance amount is greater than the reimbursable amount?

At times, the employees might have excess advance when their expenses are lesser than the advance received. In such cases, the employees can return the excess advance or the admin can allow them to use the excess advance on future reports. This can be recorded in Zoho Expense.

To record if the employee has returned the excess advance amount or not:

  • Click the Reports Approvals section in the left sidebar.
  • Select the report that has excess advance amount.
  • Click the Record Reimbursement button.
  • If the employee has returned the excess amount, select Yes, <username> returned the balance amount.
  • If the employee hasn’t returned the excess amount and if you want to let the employee use the excess amount on their future reports, select No, <username> can use the balance amount on future expense reports option. Then, the employees can view the newly created advance in their Advance Payments module and use it on future reports. If advance approval is enabled for the organization, the advance will be automatically approved.
  • Click Record Reimbursement option to save the details.
Record Excess Advance Payments