What is a value-added tax? How is it set up in Zoho Expense?

A value added tax is applied to transactions that involve goods and services. A value-added tax is collected as a percentage of the value of goods sold and services rendered by the merchant. In Canada, majority of taxes are value added taxes.

So whenever an employee makes a expense, he may buy goods or make use of services that might have a value-added tax associated with it. Even though a value-added tax is inclusive in most of the purchases, the user can still mention them while recording expenses.

To serve this purpose, every tax that is added to the Canadian edition of Zoho Expense is a value-added tax by default.

To change the status of a value-added tax into a non-value-added tax:

  • Head to the Settings tab on the left sidebar and click on Taxes.
  • Hover your mouse over the tax entry which you wish to convert into a value-added tax and click on Edit.
  • An Edit Tax window will pop-up on your screen.
  • Unheck the option ‘This is a value-added tax’.
  • Click Save for the changes to take effect.