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Staying VAT compliant with Zoho Books for the UAE

December 13, Wednesday | 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM GST

Staying VAT compliant with Zoho Books for the UAE

With the final registration dates behind us, many businesses in the UAE are now either registered under VAT or are just waiting to get their TRNs from the FTA. Also, through its various articles and penalties, the VAT law has made it clear that if you are a supplier registered under VAT, then compliance under VAT takes at most priority. In order to help you with this, we at Zoho have introduced a VAT Ready version of Zoho Books, our cloud based accounting software for the UAE and today we will be seeing the ways in which Zoho Books can help you with VAT compliance.

By tuning into this free webinar, you will get to know:
  • Different VAT treatments for your clients and vendors.
  • How items and services are handled in Zoho Books.
  • How a VAT compliant tax invoice can be generated.
  • How place of supply works within Zoho Books.
  • How import of goods and services are captured in Zoho Books.
  • How a VAT return is generated.
  • How a FTA audit file will look like. 
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Ajay Aadhithya C

Ajay Aadhithya C is a content marketer for Zoho. He works closely with our product teams, accountants and customers to create the content they need. He specialises in inventory management and indirect taxation.

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