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Frequently Asked Questions on VAT

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What are the VAT rates in the education sector?

Type of supply VAT rate
Nursery education and pre-school education 0%
Private and public school education (excluding higher education) 0%
Supply of goods and services related to public and private schools (for example, books) 0%
Higher education provided by an institution owned or 50% funded by the government, and related goods and services 0%
Education provided by private higher educational institutions 5%
Supply of goods and services related to private higher educational institutions (for example, books) 5%
Exam fees 0%
School uniforms 5%
Stationery 5%
Electronic equipment (such as tablets or laptops) 5%
Renting of school grounds for events 5%
Fees for activities after school 5%
Activities supplied after school by teachers without any extra charge 0%
School trips for educational purposes within the curriculum 0%
School trips for recreation 5%
School trips not within the curriculum 5%
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