What are the accounts that cannot have a sub-account or a parent account in Zoho Books?

Accounts in Zoho Books can either be created manually or could be system generated. Each account can have sub-accounts and parent accounts. However, there are few accounts that cannot have either of it. Here’s a list of such account types and account names:

Account type:
Payment Clearing
Credit Card

Account name:
Bad Debt
Bank Fees And Charges
Branch Account
Cargo Expense Account
Account Receivables
Accounts Payable
Customer Advances
Deferred Revenue
Exchange Gain Or Loss
Excise Payable
Expense Payment
Finished Goods
GCC VAT payable
Goods In Transit
Input Excise
Input VAT
Inventory Asset
Late Fee Income
Opening Balance Adjustments
Other Charges
Output Excise
Output VAT
Retained Earnings
Salaries And Employee Wages
Salary And Bonus
Sales To Customer (Cash)
Shipping Charges
Tax Adjustments
Tax Paid Expense
Travel Account
Unearned Revenue
VAT Carried Forward
Work In Progress

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