Import and Export Contacts

In this section, you’ll know how you can:

Import contacts

You can import a contact/contact persons individually or import contacts listed from your Zoho CRM module.

Import Contacts and Contact Persons

Contacts can be either imported as Customers or Vendors in Zoho Books. To import contacts or contact persons, follow these steps:



Import contacts dropdown

Import from G Suite

To import contacts from G Suite, follow the steps below:

Import contacts from G Suite

Import Contacts from Zoho CRM

Once the integration has been completed, you will be able to configure and fetch your Zoho CRM contacts into Zoho Books.

Export Contacts

In Zoho Books, you can export your Contacts,Contact Persons and Contact Adresses. Exporting contacts is just like exporting any other type of data out of Zoho Books.

Export contacts dropdown

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