Maintaining a list of contacts will enable you to perform transactions quickly and efficiently with your customers or vendors.

View Contacts

To view contacts in Zoho Books:

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Create a contact

To create a contact in Zoho Books:

Fields Description
Contact Type You contact can either be your customer or your vendor.
Primary Contact The main contact to whom all invoices and estimates will be sent or for whom bills will be raised.
Company Name Provide a valid Company Name. Make sure it is the official name of the contact’s company.
Contact Display Name Zoho Books populates the display name based on the company or the contact name. You may retain it or change to the display name to your choice. This is the name that will be displayed on all your sales or purchase transactions for the particular contact.
Contact Email Enter a valid email address. All your correspondences with this contact will be through this email address.
Contact Phone Add work phone and mobile number of your contact here.
Website If the customer has any website, you can mention the URL here.

New Contact Form

Fields Description
VAT Treatment A customer can either be VAT registered, Not VAT registered or a Non GCC customer.
Tax Registration Number Select the country where your customer lives and after doing that, you have to enter their tax registration number.
Place of Supply The place to which the contact provides or receives the transactions.
Currency The currency through which you are doing business transactions with the customer.
Payment Terms It can either be due on receipt or you can set a custom payment term.
Price List You can set a unique price list for your contact.
Enable Portal? If you want to give the customer access to the ‘Client Portal’, you can check this option.
Portal Language (only for customers) Select the language in which that your cutomer views the portal. Learn more about Client Portal
Facebook Enter the Facebook username of your contact.
Twitter Enter the Twitter username of your contact.

The types of addresses that can be provided for a contact include:

Type Description
Billing Address The address to which the invoice or the bill is to be sent.
Shipping Address The address to which the goods or services are to be shipped.
Fields Description
Attention The name displayed on top of the address. You can add an official place like Home, Office, Work, etc.
Address Enter the detailed address of your shipping and billing address.

Edit a contact

To edit a contact, please follow these steps:

Delete a contact

To delete a contact, follow the steps below:

Note: A warning pop up ‘Do you want to delete the selected contact(s)?’ appears to confirm your intention.

Note: Sometimes, you might get the following error
Delete Contacts
In this case, you need to delete all existing transactions you have with this contact, before deleting the contact. To view all the transactions of the contact click Sales or Purchases tab in the contact summary page and delete the subsequent transactions.
Sales Contacts
Purchases Contacts

Merge contacts

This is one of the few functions in Zoho Books that can be done as a bulk action, and is in fact the only option when more than two contacts are required to be merged as one.

If you wish to merge contacts, it also can be done from the individual contact page. Please note that the two contacts being chosen to be merged must contain the same currency terms.

You can also merge contacts in another way:

Once you merge contacts, it can’t be undone.

Filter contacts

Contacts can be filtered based on their type (customer or vendor) and other classifications. Here’s how:

Based on your selection the contact list will be sorted and enumerated within the contact list pane. The sort options are as follows:

* All Contacts
* Customers
* Vendors
* Vendors-Reorder Items
* CRM Customers
* CRM Vendors
* Active Contacts
* Duplicate contacts
* Inactive contacts
* Client Portal Enabled
* Client Portal Disabled
* Overdue Customers
* Unpaid Customers

You can also create a custom view for your Contacts by clicking the + New Custom View option under the All Contacts dropdown.

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