Will I be able to collect a cancellation reason or perform an exit survey on my customers? How do I do this?

Yes, Zoho Billing lets you collect a reason for cancellation from your customers.

You can customize these reasons according to your business needs by going to Settings > Preferences > Subscriptions > Cancellation Preferences. You can choose the Simple Option, and collect a message that users can type out as their reason, or you choose the Advanced Option and provide users with multiple reasons which they can choose.

If you usually cancel subscriptions via the API, you will be able to pass a reason for the Advanced Option by entering entering it’s message ID in the churn_message_id node. For the Simple Option, you can pass the reason by entering a message in the “reason” node. Visit our API document to learn more.

You’ll be able to track these responses from your customers by checking the Churned Subscriptions report.

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