Access Token Request

The client makes an access token request by sending the authorization grant code to Zoho Accounts:

  • URI Endpoint:¬†
  • HTTP Request Type: POST
  • Mandatory Parameters:
    • client_id - Obtained from registering your client at the Zoho Accounts developer console.
    • grant_type - Value must be 'authorization_code'.
    • client_secret - Obtained from registering your application at the Zoho Accounts developer console.
    • Authorized Redirect URI - The URI endpoint that Zoho Accounts will redirect the web browser to. Make sure it is the same URI as the one specified in the authorization request.
    • Authorization Code -The authorization code you received as response for the authorization request.

Sample HTTP Request

Sample JSON Response

Zoho Accounts sends the access token and the optional refresh token.

    "access_token":"1000.2deaf8d0c268e3c85daa2a013a843b10.703adef2bb337b 8ca36cfc5d7b83cf24",