Learn how to use Multi DC support in OAuth with Zoho for Client-based applications.

Client Authorization - Client-based Applications Multi DC | Zoho Accounts

Client-based application

In client-based applications, the Multi DC flow will be as follows:

1. Identify the user location during the access token request

In the access token request, you will send calls to the domain https://accounts.zoho.com. In the response, the location of the user's DC will be included as the parameter location. You can view the respective server URL for this location using https://accounts.zoho.com/oauth/serverinfo. You will also find api_domain, which is where you will need to make the service API requests.

Sample authorization response:


2. Make service API requests to the api domain associated with user's location

Make request calls to the service you want to access through the api_domain you get from the response of the access token request.