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Safeguard your business

Implement multi-factor authentication easily for your entire organization using OneAuth.

Safeguard your businessSafeguard your business
Go passwordlessGo passwordlessGo passwordless

Go passwordless

OneAuth's passwordless sign-in will let you access your Zoho applications faster without compromising security.

SSO for mobile apps

Sign in once with OneAuth and access all of your newly installed Zoho mobile apps without re-entering your credentials.

MFA for all accountsMFA for all accountsMFA for all accounts

MFA for all accounts

OneAuth's OTP authenticator can secure both your Zoho and non-Zoho accounts. Back up your OTP secrets to the cloud so that you never get locked out.

Quick and easy recovery

Locked out of Zoho OneAuth? Don't worry. Use Passphrase - a backup password to recover the app without any delay.

Quick and easy recoveryQuick and easy recoveryQuick and easy recoveryQuick and easy recovery
Secure Multiple Zoho AccountsSecure Multiple Zoho AccountsSecure Multiple Zoho Accounts

Secure Multiple Zoho Accounts

You have more than one Zoho account and you want to secure all of them? That's alright, OneAuth can now secure multiple Zoho accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication. Switching between accounts is easy with OneAuth.

Alternate Verification

Having an internet problem? Not receiving push notifications? Don't worry, OneAuth’s Alternate Verification lets you switch your MFA mode as Scan QR code or Offline OTPs.

Available wherever you need it

Available wherever you need it

Zoho OneAuth is available on iOS, Android, iPad, macOS, watchOS, and Windows platforms. It can also be installed on multiple devices for your convenience.

Why do I need MFA?

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), nearly 80% of security breaches are tied to passwords. Accounts that are protected with passwords alone have a high risk of getting breached by hackers.

Zoho OneAuth offers unyielding security

Apart from securing your Zoho account, OneAuth's OTP authenticator can also help you secure your personal accounts. OneAuth's passwordless and biometric verification is the safest among all the authentication modes available on the market.

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We thought Zoho OneAuth, was limited to sign in into Zoho, but now with MFA for any account we are able to substitute Authy (which we had chosen Over Google Authenticator), closing more and more gaps into having a single provider.

David Bertolini

Highly recommended for managers and business owners with significant information capital

Ric Vela

Excellent application, it allows me to access my tools and keeps my information safe

Abraham Olivares