SAML Integration with Azure

SAML Integration with Azure

Azure offers building and hosting solutions using Microsoft's products and their data centers.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Azure Portal as an admin.
  2. Click Azure Active Directory.
  3. Click Enterprise applications in the left navigation menu.
  4. Click New Application.
  5. Type 'Zoho'under the Add from the Gallery tab.
  6. Select Zoho, with the category listed as Mail.
  7. Click Add in the botton-right corner.
  8. Click Configure Single sign-on.
  9. Choose SAML-base-sign-on in the given dropdown.
  10. Scroll down to SAML Signing Certificate and download the certificate.
  11. Scroll down to the end and click Configure Zoho.
  12. Under the Quick reference tab, copy the Azure AD Single Sign-On Service URL (Login URL) and Azure AD Sign Out URL (Logout URL).
  13. Configure Single Sign-On URL and Entity ID URLs at Zoho.
  14. Enter the service name or service URL in the Sign on URL box
  15. Tick the Show advanced URL settings checkbox.
  16. Enter the ACS URL in the Reply URL text-box.
  17. Enter the URL of the Zoho service you want your users to reach after authenticating them in the Relay State text-box.
  18. Under User Attributes, make sure that the User Identifier is user.mail.
  19. Click Save.

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