SAML using one login

SAML Using One Login

1. About Onelogin

OneLogin provides single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications. It focuses on companies that operate in the cloud and integrates with cloud apps using SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID and web services integration. To know more, visit their website at 

2. Set up for SAML SSO integration using Onelogin

Once you have successfully created a portal in your Zoho account (know more), visit the OneLogin website using the link - and follow the steps given below:

  • Users will have to create a new OneLogin account if they do not have a pre-existing one.

  • To do so, click on the create GET ONELOGIN FREE option available in the OneLogin website.

  • Fill up the details and click GET STARTED.

  • Users who already have an account can directly login using their credentials by clicking the login option available in the OneLogin homepage.

  • Click the APPS option and select Add Apps.

  • Select the Zoho App you want access to, e.g: Zoho CRM - In configuration, select SAML 2.0 as Connectors and click Save.

  • The desired app will be successfully added.

  • Under the Configuration tab, enter your portal URL in the Account textbox to update your Application Details.

Once you have completed adding your desired app from onelogin, complete the steps given below in your Zoho org account control panel:

Complete the SAML authentication details shown in the snapshot above as follows:

  •     Enter the SAML 2.0 Endpoint URL (HTTP) as your Login URL.

  •     Enter the SLO Endpoint URL (HTTP) as your Logout URL.

  •     Enter the SAML 2.0 Endpoint URL (HTTP) as your Change Password URL Public Key.

  •     You can either attach the previously downloaded X.509 certificate or copy paste it directly as your private key.

  •     Public Key: Select RSA as the algorithm and click OK.

  •     Your SAML authentication setup will be successfully completed.

  •     Now, if you are the Super Admin, you can log in to and change your SAML settings as per your requirements

  •     All other users will be redirected to the respective Zoho App login pages when they enter their login credentials in .


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