What is OneAuth?

Good Authentication involves something you know (your password), something you have (your phone),  and something you are (your fingerprint). That is precisely what we have tried to actualize using the all-new OneAuth application!

 OneAuth is significant because:

  • It secures your account using Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • It allows Single-Sign-On across all Zoho apps.

 OneAuth is now available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Install the application, setup your account (this just takes 2 minutes) and you are ready to go! Enjoy complete security and one-click access to all the Zoho apps you love.



How does Multi-Factor Authentication function?

Zoho's multi-factor authentication software provides the protection you want while empowering customers with a broad choice and the ability to expand into the future.

  1. You sign into your Zoho account with your username and password. 
  2. Instead of an SMS or the Google Authenticator app, you use the OneAuth App to authenticate.
  3. You have multiple modes to choose from and also exciting new features.
  4. Now your sign in is not only more secure but also simpler and much faster!

The various authentications modes present are:

 You can choose the authentication method right for you. End users can utilize the level of security they’re comfortable with by enabling the right feature of authentication. With OneAuth, users can attain true multi-factor authentication that’s simple to use and requires no additional hardware.