Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need an email address?

Any new user who wants to register with Zoho needs to enter their email address. A confirmation mail along with a link is sent to this particular address which the user is supposed to click within 30 days to confirm an account with us. Your Email address is the location in which you will receive all the important notification emails from various Zoho services. It is very important for authentication purposes and password recovery. All communications regarding sharing of documents/presentations/notifications/password reset will be emailed to the email address that the user specifies at the time of setting up an account with Zoho, So it is necessary to add an active email id in your account.

How can I edit my primary email address?

 To edit your email address, kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Log on to your Zoho account at and click on the My Profile Info tab >> Email Address.

  • Click the Edit option to the right.

  • Enter your new email address and password in the text box that shows up and click Update button

  • A confirmation mail will now be sent to the new email address.

  • Click on the confirmation link to activate your account.

In case the confirmation mail is not received, click on the Resend Confirmation Mail icon to receive the confirmation mail again.

Can I add a new email address to my Zoho account?

Yes, If you wish to retain the existing email address and need to add a new one, please do the following steps:

  • Log on to your Zoho account at

  • Click on the My Profile Info tab.

  • Click the Email Address link and then select the Add Email button on the right.

  • Submit a new email address in the text box that shows up.

  • Email will be added to your secondary email address

How do I make my new email address or secondary email address as the primary email address?

To make your new email address or secondary email address as primary, kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Add your new email address as explained in the previous question.

  • Click the Make Primary option available on the right of this new address.

  • Enter your account password and click the Make Primary button.

  • The new email address you gave will get added as the primary address.

How can I remove my secondary email address?

To remove your secondary email address, follow the steps given below:

  • Log on to your Zoho account using your email address and password.

  • Go to My Profile Info and click Email Address.

  • Click the Remove option available in the secondary email section.

  • Your secondary email will now be  removed

I did not receive the confirmation mail after setting up my account with Zoho. What do I do?

At times, it may so happen that the confirmation mail that we send as part of the registration process is not received by the new user. The reason could either be attributed to the users providing "incorrect email address" when signing up or the mail being filtered as spam/finding their way to the bulk folder. If the email address is not confirmed it will be marked as "Unconfirmed" along with the resend confirmation button next to it.

There are 2 ways by which a user can resend the confirmation mail:

a) If you are already signed into your Zoho account:

  • Go to the 'My Profile Info' tab and click the Email Address link present on the left panel.

  • See whether you have given your correct email address without any spelling errors.

  • If the email address is incorrect, please click on the Edit link to the right of it

  • Enter the correct email address, your current password in the text box that shows up and press the Update button.

  • In case the email address is correct, simply click the Resend Confirmation Mail button next to it and click Send Mail.

  • A message will pop up conveying that the confirmation mail has been sent successfully.

b) If you have signed out from your Zoho account:

  • Go to your Sign in page, enter your email id and password, click the sign-in option.

  • You will be forwarded to the Verify email address to activate your account page.

  • In case the email address is correct, simply click the Send Verification email option.

  • If not, click Edit, provide your correct email id and then click the Send Verification email option.

I am getting an "Invalid Confirmation!" message when I click the link provided in the confirmation mail. What's wrong?

New users signing up for Zoho Services have to click on the confirmation link within 30 days of receiving the email from us. If for some reason users click the confirmation link after 30 days they get an "Invalid Confirmation!" message. In that case, users can confirm their account again by re-sending the confirmation link to their email address with which they had set up an account with Zoho. If you still face issues with confirmation, you can contact

I can't sign in to Zoho account. What can be the reasons?

If you are not able to sign in to the Zoho account, the most probable reasons are:

Either you have entered an incorrect email address Or you have keyed in an incorrect password (remember, the password is case-sensitive) Please check if your Caps Lock button (On/Off) on the keyboard before typing in your password.

How do I close my Zoho account?

To close your individual Zoho account, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Zoho account.

  • Click Preferences on your home screen and click the Close Account link present at the bottom of the left-side panel.

  • Once you click the Close Account link, you will be asked to enter the password again along with the reasons for the switch.

  • Enter password, select a reason for the switch and then click Close Account link to permanently close your Zoho account.

  • Once you close an account, all the information/data associated with your account will be lost.

In the case of an organizational account, only a Super-Admin can close the account. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • If you have domains added to your account, please log in to Zoho mail suite.

  • Go to control panel --> Domains --> Delete your Domain.

  • If you don't have a domain, log in to Zoho mail suite.

  • Go to control panel --> Dashboard --> Delete organization.

  • Once done, log out and access  to close your account.

Why have I been locked out of my Zoho account?

To completely secure your Zoho account, we allow a maximum of 10 successful logins per day. Your account has been locked because you have exceeded the limit of that particular day. The counter resets everyday at 12:00 AM PDT. In case you need to urgently access your account, please contact the Zoho accounts support team.

I have closed my Zoho account. Can I access it again?

No, as per our security policy, closed users account cannot be restored/reactivated. All the information/data associated with your account will be lost,once the account is closed. You can sign up for a new account using the URL :

What is the "Keep me signed in" box?

If you tick the "Keep me signed in" box, you will stay logged in even if you quit the browser and turn your system off. The session will expire after 7 days. If you leave the box unchecked, you will be logged in for a "single session" i.e, if you close your browser you will get logged out automatically even if u don't "log out".

I want to edit my personal details. How can I do that?

To update your personal details, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your Zoho account using your email address and password.

  • Click the  My Profile Info tab and go to Personal information.

  • Update your details and click Save.

  • Your personal details will be successfully updated

I want to upload a profile photo for my Zoho account. What do I do?

To upload your profile photo for your account, simply follow the steps given below:

  • Log into your Zoho account using your email address and password.

  • On your home screen, select the central tab that shows your name and email id.

  • To choose a photo of your choice, click Upload a photo from your computer.

  • Select your preferred photo and click Upload.

  • Photos of specific dimensions can only be updated,so u may have to crop your photo to upload.

  • To crop, select the section of the photo you want to display and click Crop Current Photo.

  • Your profile pic will now be successfully uploaded.

How can I link my existing Zoho account to Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps account?

To link your existing Zoho account with your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps account, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Zoho account at , click the My Profile Info tab and 'Email Address' link present on the left-hand panel.

  • Your primary email address will be displayed along with the Add Email button.

  • Click the Add Email button, enter your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps email address & your current Zoho password.

  • Once done, your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps email id will be added as a secondary email address to your Zoho account.

  • Henceforth you can directly log in to your existing Zoho account using Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps Sign In.

How do I delete users from an org account?

To delete users from an org account, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in as an administrator at  and click Control Panel at the top right.

  • The control panel will list out data related to the organization, user management, domains and organization groups on the left-side panel.

  • Clicking the User details link, present in the left-side panel under Control Panel, will list all the users in the organization along with their status as active/inactive.

  • To delete a particular user, select the user and select the "X"option available on the right side of that user.

What is my password?

Your password is the secret word or phrase that you must use to gain admission to your Zoho account. 

You create your password when you sign up for a Zoho account.

What should my password contain?

If you have a personal account, your password should adhere to the following specifications:

  1. Cannot be the same as your username

  2. Should not be less than 8 characters

  3. Should not be more than 60 characters.

  4. Should contain at least one number.

  5. Should contain both uppercase and lowercase characters.

  6. Should not be the same as your last 3 passwords.

If you have an Organization account, Zoho gives you the authority to set your own password criteria for your employees.

To set up your password criteria, carry out the steps given below:

  • Go to .

  • Enter using your email address and password.

  • Fill up the Password Policy details of your choice and click OK.

  • In case, you do not wish to set up a standard password criteria than the default criteria will be same as the personal account password criteria given above.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Do not worry, just follow the simple steps given below:

  • Click the Forgot Password option available in your Login page.

  • Enter your registered email address and type the characters given in the image.

  • An email with a password reset link will be sent to your email address.

  • Click the link, enter to confirm your new password and click submit.

  • Your password has been successfully reset.

Note:  If your domain is hosted with Zoho please contact  to reset your account password.

I want to change the password for my Zoho account. How can I do that ?
Users can change their password for Zoho account by doing the following steps:

  • Enter your Zoho accounts page by providing proper login credentials (email address and password).

  • Go to the Security tab on your home screen and click Change Password.

  • Enter your current password and new password.

  • Re-enter your new password and click Save.

  • Your password has been changed successfully.

What is a security question?

The security question along with its answer helps you protect your account.

In case you forget your password, Zoho will use the security question and answer to verify your identity.

How can I enable a security question for my Zoho accounts?

You can enable your Security question by following the steps given below:

  • Sign into your Zoho account using you email address and password.

  • Click Security on your home screen and select Security Question.

  • Enter your current password, and type a question of your choice, e.g: "What is your favorite sport?".

  • Fill your answer, e.g: Soccer and click Save.

  • Your security question has been successfully updated.

I cannot create a new Zoho account. What are the reasons?

Your account creation may be blocked by our automated system due to any one of the following reasons:- Either Our Service might have received automated requests, from your computer or network, as it may be infected with Virus (or) Spyware Applications, Or your connecting network might have been used by a spammer, or infected previously. Hence, you are not able to sign up for a new account Please run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your computer or network is not infected with viruses and other malicious software.

Note: If you are still not able to create an account with us, kindly contact us at  to sort out the issue.

I cannot sign into my Zoho mail. What should I do?

At times, it may so happen that the automated system temporarily blocks users from entering into Zoho mail if it detects any threat in the network that the user is using. In such cases, a manual analysis of the problem will be carried out. If we find that there is nothing wrong in the network being used, we will enable the user's account once again after 24 hours. We suggest that users run some anti-virus on their network to avoid such incidents.

I forgot to sign out from my account while using a public computer. What do I do?

Don't worry, it does happen at times. We have a solution for this as well. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your account from your personal/office computer.

  • Click Active Sessions on your home screen.

  • Click Close all other sessions.

  • You will be successfully logged out from all other devices.

I have been asked for "verification code" every single time I try signing into my Zoho account. What is the matter?

This happens when you do not check the "Trusted Browsers" option . If the problem persists even after checking the "Trusted Browser" option and you are still asked for the verification code in the next sign in then you need to make some changes in browser settings. The trusted browsers are stored in cookies. It may so happen that the cookies may have been removed due to changes in browser settings.
Follow the steps given below to overcome this situation:

a) For Chrome Browser:

  • Go to chrome://settings/.

  • Click show Advanced Settings.

  • Click Content Settings under Privacy Select .

  • Allow local data to be set (recommended) under Cookies.

 b) For Firefox browser:

  • Go to Edit -> Preferences.

  • Click Privacy.

  • Select Remember History under History tab.

Is my Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps password stored in Zoho?

No, Zoho does not store the users' Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps password.

We only store your respective email addresses which are required for identification purposes.

How can I see my activity history for my Zoho account?

To view your activity history, simply follow the steps given bellow:

  • Log into your Zoho account using your email address and password.

  • Click the Activity History tab on your home screen.

  • Your Zoho service activities along with the latest time of using that service will be displayed.

Note: You can view your activity history only for the current month.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account. Once enabled, Sign-In will require you to enter a unique verification code generated by an app on your mobile device or sent via text message, in addition to your email address and password.

How does the Zoho TFA function?

Once you enable the Zoho Two Factor Authentication, it will generate a unique verification code for your account, which you will receive on your phone via SMS, voice call or using Google Authenticator mobile app. This verification code along with your password will help you to access your Zoho Account. So, you'll protect your account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone). Hence, TFA uses two layers of protection to make sure that nobody else but only you can have access to your Zoho account.

How can I enable my TFA?

To enable your TFA, carry out the following steps:

  • Go to your Zoho accounts page, click the Two-factor authentication tab.

  • You will be asked to select the mode by which you want to receive the verification codes.

  • Select the mode you prefer i.e click on text message/voice call or Google Authenticator.

  • To receive the verification code via text message/voice call, enter your mobile number to which you want us to send the code and click either text me(in the case of SMS) or call me(in the case of a voice call).

  • To verify, enter the received code in the space provided, tick the trusted browser option and click verify.

  • For TFA using google authenticator, follow the steps given in the next question and continue with the same steps given below.

  • Enter your password and click Turn on.

  • You will be taken to a settings page wherein you need to provide your backup phone number and get your code on the number by clicking on send code.

  • Enter the verification code and your current password and click verify. You will receive your backup verification codes.

  • Save or print the verification codes and continue.

  • Your TFA has been successfully configured.

    How can I use Google Authenticator to enable TFA?

For this, you will have to first install Google Authenticator on your phone and follow the below steps:

  • Using the App, scan the bar-code image given in the settings page of TFA.

  • If the image does not load properly, in the Authenticator app, select the Time-based as algorithm type.

  • Enter the secret code manually given below the settings page in your app.

  • The Authenticator will now automatically generate a six digit verification code.

  • Fill the verification code, tick the Trusted Browser option and click verify.

How can I disable my TFA?

To disable your TFA, carry out the following steps:

  • Go to your Zoho accounts, click the Two-factor authentication tab on your home screen.

  • Click the box shown in the figure below.

  • Enter your password and click the Disable option.

What will happen if I do not check the "Trusted Browser" option?

If you check the Trusted Browsers option on the "Sign-in Code Verification page", then verification code won't be asked for next 180 days, when you Sign-In to your account using the same browser on the same computer. Otherwise, the verification code will be asked each time you Sign-In to your account.

Oops! We are confused.

We notice that your email address has been changed in Google Apps. Zoho tries to make things easier for you by automatically updating your email address. But since another Zoho Account already exists for the new email address, the login session has failed.

1. If you wish to have your old GApps account with Zoho, please follow the below steps:

  • Login to with your new Gmail ID.
  • You can close this account permanently to continue with your old Zoho account.
  • If you wish to keep the new account please make sure that you remove the new email id from Zoho account and replace it with any other email id.
  • Once your new Zoho account has been updated with another email id you will be able to access your old GApps account.

2. If you wish to have your new GApps account with Zoho, please follow the below steps:

  • Login to with your old Gmail ID.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Select Linked Accounts.
  • You will see the old Gmail ID linked to your Zoho account.
  • Click on Remove OpenID mapping.
  • Now your new account will automatically be mapped to your Zoho account.

Note: If you have forgotten the password for your old account, click on the Forgot Password link to reset your account password.

How can I change the phone number in my account?

  • Go to,

  • Click on the Two Factor Authentication tab in your home screen.

  • Click on the "Add Phone" option available (denoted by a Smartphone icon).

  • Enter your phone number and click "Text me".

  • A verification code will be sent to your number, enter the verification code and click "verify".

  • Now your number will be in our account.

  • Click on Make Primary option to make the number as a primary number in our account.

When I enter the Google Authenticator code it shows " invalid code ", why?

You may face the issue because the time on your Google Authenticator app is not synced correctly. Please follow the steps to sync the time.


If you are using an iPhone please go to Settings -> General -> Date and Time. Turn on "Set Automatically".


  • Go to the main menu on the Google Authenticator app.

  • Click Settings.

  • Click Time correction for codes.

  • Click Sync now.


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