Personal preferences may vary from person to person. We understand that our clients are spread across different demographics of the globe and hence their way of using their respective accounts vary. We at Zoho, believe in catering to the needs of each and every customer with utmost sincerity. Therefore, we provide them with different options to use their Zoho accounts the way they want to. The Preferences setting available in your Zoho homepage allows you to access, manage and update your custom preferences like the visibility of your profile picture, date format, password expiry notification and subscription option. To do so,

  • Click the Preferences tab available on the home screen of your Zoho account.

  • Select the "Photo view permission" of your choice from the available options. Using these options you can limit others from accessing your  profile picture.

  • You can also manage your date formats (a customized date format is also available), browser connection and newsletter subscription  from the options available.

  • Once you select all the preferred options, simply click the "Update Preferences" link available on the bottom of the page.

  • Your settings will be successfully updated.

Authorized websites:

 On the Authorized Websites page, you can see a list of websites to which you have granted permission to access your Zoho Account. When you access such websites (Trusted Domains) in the future, you are automatically signed in. This saves you the hassle of re-entering your username and password.

This page also gives you details like the date on which you gave the permission and also the IP address from which the permission was given.If you do not want a website to have access to your account, just click on the “Revoke Access” link.

 Linked Accounts: 

The Linked Accounts page shows you a list of websites which are linked to your account like your Facebook,Google apps or your Yahoo! accounts. These accounts can be used to sign in to your Zoho account without entering your username and password. This page also contains further details like the “Email Address” linked to these accounts and the Company which provides your identity (Open ID Provider).

If you want to remove any of these accounts, click on the “Remove Open ID mapping” button. Once the account has been removed, further sign-ins using that account will not be allowed.

How can I link my existing Zoho account to Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps account?

To link your existing Zoho account with your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps account, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Zoho account at , click the My Profile Info tab and 'Email Address' link present on the left-hand panel.

  • Your primary email address will be displayed along with the Add Email button.

  • Click the Add Email button, enter your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps email address & your current Zoho password.

  • Once done, your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps email id will be added as a secondary email address to your Zoho account.

  • Henceforth you can directly log in to your existing Zoho account using Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Google-Apps Sign In.

Close account:

To close your individual Zoho account, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Zoho account.

  • Click Preferences on your home screen and click the Close Account link present at the bottom of the left-side panel.

  • Once you click the Close Account link, you will be asked to enter the password again along with the reasons for the switch.

  • Enter password, select a reason for the switch and then click Close Account link to permanently close your Zoho account.

  • Once you close an account, all the information/data associated with your account will be lost.

In the case of an organizational account, only a Super-Admin can close the account. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • If you have domains added to your account, please log in to Zoho mail suite.

  • Go to control panel --> Domains --> Delete your Domain.

  • If you don't have a domain, log in to Zoho mail suite.

  • Go to control panel --> Dashboard --> Delete organization.

  • Once done, log out and access  to close your account.




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