Web Form Checklists

Now it's time to design your company's web forms, using your own intuition and user experience... as well as our web form checklists. Print them out and keep them nearby as you work. This way you're sure to start out on the right foot—with proven best practices. Read more

Using Testimonials to Increase Conversions

Your clients' good words have been collected... but the work isn't finished yet. Now it's time to strategize where to prominently and intelligently place them on your business website, and to use design elements to draw your visitors' eyes to them. After all, those testimonials are there for the sake of conversions. Read more

Using Compelling Featured Images on Your Blog Posts

While your blog titles should be compelling enough to draw readers in, your featured images will likely be the first thing a reader sees. These images should be unambiguous and relevant to your post, SEO friendly, reflective of your brand... and used legally. Read more

Testimonials Checklist

So you're ready to up your testimonials game? Use our testimonials checklist to make sure you take all the right steps when it comes to collecting reviews, requesting testimonials, and placing them intelligently on your website. Read more

Choosing the Right Design and Functionality for Your Blog

By "good design and functionality," we mean that your blog content is intuitively categorized and easily navigable, your most valuable posts are readily available, your conversion paths are evident, your readers can interact with your posts, and the page is an aesthetic delight. Read more

Building Your Blog’s Audience

Once your blog content starts growing, you'll want to consider a deliberate promotional strategy to build your audience and reach prospects more quickly than your SEO efforts will. Methods include everything from guest blogging, to outbound links, to syndication. Read more

How to Hire a Freelance Blogger

If you're running a small business on your own or don't have in-house writers, you may need to hire a freelance blogger for your business. Where to search, how to write an effective job description, and what are the steps in the hiring process? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Read more

Business Blog Checklist

We'd understand if you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of best practices we gave you in our business blog content. This checklist gathers them all in one place, and is the perfect resource for you to print out and keep near on your own blogging journey. Read more

Best Homepages of 2018

Your homepage is the hub for everything your business offers: It wears a lot of hats and performs a lot of balancing acts. The best homepages manage to do this while maintaining a minimalist design. Read more

Best About Us Pages of 2018

Your About Us page gives a human face to your business and evokes (or cements) prospect trust. The best About Us pages pull prospects' heartstrings through company stories and core values, all while clearly describing what the business actually does.  Read more

Best Testimonials Pages of 2018

Testimonials are among the most powerful (and free!) marketing tools your company has. Good ones build your company's credibility and reputation, and can sway the strongest of cynics. The best testimonials pages present strong reviews while considering UX and conversions. Read more

Best FAQ Pages of 2018

FAQ pages can be tricky. As if determining what "frequently" means for your business isn't difficult enough, the page has to organize a collection of random questions, answer the ones you'd rather not answer, and stay on the pulse of incoming inquiries. The best FAQ pages do all of this. Read more

Best Online Shops of 2018

Your online shop faces obstacles to conversion that brick-and-mortar stores don't face. The best online shops overcome these obstacles through remarkable imagery and multimedia, copy that details all product specs and policies, and other UX elements to move users through the funnel. Read more

Best Business Blogs of 2018

Your business blog is where you'll consistently offer content marketing that educates and meets prospect and customer needs, confirms your business as an authority, and converts grateful readers—again and again—over the long term. But the best business blogs are about so much more than good copy. Read more

Best Web Forms of 2018

Web forms allow site visitors to interact with your company and let you gather important information from them. But users won't fill out forms that don't move them through the process quickly and intuitively. The best web forms are frictionless, and offer small but significant UX elements. Read more

Best CTA Buttons of 2018

The call-to-action button is a small website element that makes a huge difference to your business. It's where the conversion is made (or isn't); and, thus, it's your final act of persuasion. The best CTA buttons are well-designed, contain compelling copy, and are intelligently placed. Read more