Zoho Writer – Blogger Reviews

Writer | January 17, 2006 | 2 min read

There have been several reviews of Zoho Writer by bloggers & technologists alike. I would like to point out some of the posts here.

Jeff Clavier says, Zoho Writer is “quite rich functionally” & it is “fast and responsive for a web application”.

Ismael Ghalimi writes, “the Googlish look-and-feel makes it a great complement to Gmail, while the WYSIWYG editor is very close to Microsoft Word’s user interface, therefore creates a feeling of instant user familiarity”

Dan McCrea at innerphaze in his lengthy “Ajax Office Review” observes Zoho Writer’s “nice interface” & “post to blog” feature (Dan, Zoho now supports WordPress API too)

Mike Arrington at TechCrunch wrote about our Alpha & his judgement was it is “as good as the rest”.

Kevin Millman pointed out the lack of auto-save (it sure is happening every 45 seconds, Kevin) & sloppy look & feel.

At BlogIsEverything.com, we have a good HowTo with screenshots titled “Post to WordPress powered blog using Zoho Writer“.

Mike McVey remarks on Zoho Writer being a “very helpful tool for my students who cannot afford the couple of hundred dollars outlay for Office”.

Stephen Meyer aka Mysk, a longtime reviewer/fan of Zoho products has an in depth review. Hey Mysk, your fantastic reviews rock!

Zoho Writer failed to load in Tom Raftery’s Mac/Firefox. He was particularly severe on me for mailing him to try out Zoho Writer & wrote this blog post. (Behind the scenes : Zoho Writer worked well while we tested in a Mac/Firefox here & it worked well for Om Malik too. We got in touch with Tom who gratiously accepted my apology mail & co-operated with us sparing his valuable time. But we haven’t been able to pin down the issue yet & are working to find a way out of the problem.)

And, we were flattered when DataPoohBah.com wrote, “Google doesn’t need to build an Online-Office Application“, “They can simply buy Zoho.” 🙂

Thanks to all bloggers for those great insights & feedback. We need all your support to take Zoho Writer further along its journey.