Post Beta Update – IV

Writer | January 20, 2006 | 1 min read

This update has quite a few interesting things
– New modules for Google/Pageflakes Personal Desktops
– Editor Addons – Smileys/emoticons & special characters
– Improved Doc information footer
– Undo/Redo issues in IE fixed

Add Zoho Writer to your Google personalized page now. Click on the ‘Add Stuff’ link at the top-right, click ‘Add by URL’ at the top, give as the input and click ‘Add’. In the Zoho Writer login page that appears, give the credentials & sign in. You’ll have the links of last few documents of your Zoho Writer account visible. For Pageflakes, the file URL to be given is

Mail, SMS, Chat – wherever you go, they are omnipresent now. So we thought Zoho Writer too should have them & here they are – the smileys/emoticons. Use them in your docs & post to your blogs 🙂

And, if you look closely at the footer of your Zoho Writer account, you may see the Info, Search, Tags & Sharing icons there.

Believe you’ll love these changes. As always, keep watching for more.