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5 Great Content Creation Practices to Follow

Simple, easy to understand content is an asset. As a reader, it helps you solve problems, get inspired, and be more productive. As a business,...

Zoho Writer 3 min read

Muses Are Fickle, Part 2: Outwriting Your Inner Critic

November is National Novel Writing Month, which has inspired us to think about the best strategies for getting started at writing, and, perhaps more importantly...

Zoho Writer 4 min read

Muses are fickle, Part 1: Abstracts are not abstract

November is National Novel Writing Month, and although none of us here at Zoho are writing novels of our own, NaNoWriMo (as it’s affectionately called)...

Zoho Writer 5 min read

Playing the Writing Game: 4 Challenges Writers Faced at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Over the past two weeks, thousands of top athletes across the globe were pitted against each other at the Olympics to find the best of...

Zoho Writer 3 min read

Meet the All-New Zoho Writer: Word Processing, Re-Imagined.

From scribbling down thoughts on a piece of paper to real-time collaboration, the way people write has changed over the last decades. Computers took over...

Zoho Writer 2 min read

Import Google Docs into Zoho’s Productivity Suite

Last year we’d integrated Google Docs with our popular business apps Zoho CRM, Projects etc., Our users loved this new initiative and came up with...

General , Zoho Gadgets , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Show , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Zoho Apps on Chrome Web Store

For users looking to use Zoho Apps on Chrome OS, we started adding our apps to Chrome Web Store. For now, three Zoho Apps are...

General , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Show , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Play Chess Online With Zoho Writer

Our users always surprise us when it comes to using Zoho’s services in esoteric ways. We came across this interesting post by Bidhan Adhikary (Bidhan...

General , Zoho Docs , Zoho Writer 2 min read

File Formats Supported by Zoho

A Zoho user wanted to know this info recently – all the file formats supported by Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show. We came up with...

Zoho Writer 1 min read

Sorting Data in Zoho Writer

One of the most sought after features by many Zoho Writer users has been sorting of content. We have addressed this requirement now. You can...

General , Zoho Writer 1 min read