Safely share passwords with the members of your organization

Share common passwords on need basis among the members of your organization with different access privileges (view only/modify privileges). There is also option to share passwords without exposing them in plain-text in GUI. You can even invite trusted outsourced members or business partners and grant them access to the logins. Sharing can be enabled or revoked real-time just by a single click.

  Safely Share Passwords

Share chambers with users / user groups

After organizing your secrets into chambers, you can share the chambers with individual users or a group of users in bulk. Assume the scenario of creating a chamber containing the secrets belonging to the marketing team and then sharing the chamber with the marketing group. In one-click, all the members of the marketing group will get all the secrets pertaining to them.

When you add a new member to the marketing group, the user will automatically inherit all the shares and permissions already granted to that group. Similarly, when you add a new secret to the chamber, it will become automatically available to all the members with whom the chamber has been shared.

  Share chambers with user groups

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