Centralized repository to store all your logins


Securely store all your online identities - passwords of web applications, PINs, registration numbers, access codes, bank account details - virtually anything sensitive or confidential in the online vault and access them from anywhere. Eliminate the insecure, cumbersome practice of storing passwords in volatile sources like post-its, text files, print-outs and spreadsheets.

  Centralized Repository

Organize logins into chambers for better management


Organizing your logins into 'chambers' by departments, divisions, teams, job profiles, location or by any other parameter enables you segregate and manage them better. Any login could be part of more than one chamber - you have complete flexibility in organizing logins.

  Organize Logins into Chambers

Securely store and share files and documents

You can securely store not just passwords, but also documents, files, images, digital certificates and licenses in Zoho Vault. Files can stored as individual entities or along with secrets. You can add multiple files with a single secret and retrieve them from anywhere, even through your mobile devices. The file attachments are also treated like passwords - they can be shared with users and user groups and are encrypted in your browser itself. The encryption key is never stored anywhere. So, complete data privacy is ensured.

  Securely store and share files and documents

Store confidential information as notes

You can store any confidential information or data along with your passwords as 'secure notes'. The notes actually enable you to store the info in fully encrypted form just like your passwords. While sharing the secrets, the secure note will also get shared automatically.

  Store confidential information as notes

Associate tags for quick access

Associate tags with each login to quickly access all related passwords. For instance, you can put a tag 'purchase' to all logins related to corporate purchase and whenever required, just click the tag to view all associated logins. Multiple tags can be associated with a single login.

  Associate Tags for Quick Access

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