Whether on your PC or iPad, creating a survey has never been easier. An intuitive interface will help you pick up the pace while creating surveys. Our smart survey tool comes packed with features to help you quickly and easily create great-looking surveys.

  • Do it your way or go with a template

    When you want to create a survey, start from scratch and build it the way you want or select a template and you'll have a survey ready to publish in no time. Whatever you choose, with Zoho Survey you can do it in a flash!

  • Easy start; easy finish

    The survey editor is where you can add questions, pages, edit, and modify your questionnaire. With all of this in one place, backed by an intuitive interface, it's very easy to create and publish a survey in minutes. There are more than 15 questions types to choose from, ranging form typical survey questions like multiple choice questions, ratings, and other advanced ones like matrix, likert scales, and much more.

  • Add logic to your survey

    Make your surveys more relevant with question and page logic. Skip or present questions to your respondents based on their answers.

  • Deploy multilingual surveys

    Make your surveys available in various languages to reach out to people worldwide. Create your surveys once and translate them into a number of languages for non-English speakers.

  • Preview in 3 different modes!

    Preview - a nice way to check that everything is going to be ok before you publish. You can preview your surveys in desktop mode, tablet and mobile phone mode. Zoho Surveys are automatically mobile friendly with no extra effort from you.

  • Add your logo

    Make your surveys look professional. Put the stamp of your brand on the header and let participants be aware of who's conducting the survey.

  • Customize themes

    Zoho Survey has plenty of themes. Select and customize your themes to change the look and feel of your surveys. Make your surveys look attractive and colorful just as easily as they are created.

  • Sign off in style

    Heartfelt, funny, casual or with a quote;you can decide how you want to sign off on your survey. Customize the last page of your survey with a message to your respondents.

  • Review

    Get surveys reviewed; receive feedback; publish your survey with confidence. For a double-check on ready to be published surveys you can use Invite Reviewer. This feature lets you invite people to communicate with you by giving feedback on your survey page. It turns your survey into a real-time discussion board.

  • Export to PDF

    Share and print your surveys easily with the export to PDF option. Create your surveys and export to a PDF format to view or print even when offline.

  • Custom iPad app

    Zoho Survey has a custom app built exclusively for the iPad for a seamless and enhanced user experience. Create with ease, on the move.