Easy Editor

Our easy-to-use editor takes complexity out of your way and allows you to focus on the content on your surveys.

online survey editior
  • Insert / Add Question

    Select from more than 15 types of questions.

  • Add Pages

    Add pages to keep your survey organized.

  • Add Logic Question

    Define how you want respondents to move through your survey.

Stunning Themes

Stylish, elegant and customizable themes that elevate survey experiences.

  • elegant survey templates
  • elegant survey templates
  • elegant survey templates

Survey Builder for iPad

Zoho Survey’s custom iPad app lets you create quick surveys and access your reports on the iPad.
Get the app now!

Online survey builder for iPad

Insightful Reports

Our reports help you in simplifying big data into an easily understandable and graphical information.

online survey reports
  • Custom Reports

    Select particular questions on the report to analyze and share.

  • Filters and Crosstabs

    Set conditions to view a cross section of data.

  • Charts

    Select from a wide-range of charts for a visual representation of your data.

Mobile Optimized

With mobile optimized surveys, respondents complete surveys faster.

mobile optimized surveys
mobile optimized surveys

Email Campaigns

survey email campaigns

Surveys get delivered to inboxes in a flash, with MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns. Publish your online surveys and connect them to email campaigns for distribution. It is smart work to ensure all or groups of your email contacts get access to your surveys.