Reports & Dashboards

Improve your performance and make better, informed decisions with Zoho Support's standard and customized reports. Focus on what really matters while keeping the executive management suite happy with dashboard and graphs that will highlight how much the customer support team's performance has improved.

Key Features

Inbuilt Reports

Zoho Support, the web based customer support software provides you with a number of inbuilt reports to get required data. Generate reports in various forms like Tabular, Summary or Matrix.

Customize Reports

Create a number of reports other than the default reports as per your requirement. You can easily create new reports based on a multiple range of criteria for various modules. Generate your customized reports in various forms.

View Mode

Zoho Support, the web based customer support software provides you with various modes of views. You can have a choice of viewing the dashboard in either two or three dimensional.(2D or 3D reports)

Create Charts

Create charts for your reports from a wide range of choice like bar charts, pie charts, funnel charts and linear charts for better understanding of the generated reports.


  • You can clearly identify the factors affecting the performance of your customer support center.
  • Make immediate decisions based on reports for improving performance.
  • Streamline all your process bottlenecks to meet the SLA and to satisfy the customers.
  • Provides flexibility in creating reports and charts in various formats.

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