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Web-to-Ticket Forms

Web-to-Ticket forms allow your customers to send you tickets from Web sites where the form is posted. These are also called Web forms.

Creating Web Forms

Using the Web-to-Ticket form feature, you can generate a form, edit the HTML code using an editor of your choice, customize the form according to your Web site's look and feel, test it and publish it on your Web site.

To create Web forms, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Channels section, click Web Form
  3. In the Web Form page, select a department for which you want to create the form
  4. Click Create Web-to-Ticket Form
  5. In the Form Properties section, enter the following information:
    • Name of the form
    • URL to which the user will be redirected once the Web form is submitted
    • Domain name where the Web form will be hosted
  6. In the Fields Selection section, select the fields that you want displayed in the Web form
  7. In the Ticket Assignment section, specify the agent who will be the owner for the tickets received through the Web form
  8. Click Generate Web Form
  9. Edit the generated HTML code, if required
  10. Copy the code and add it to your Web site
  11. Click Finish

You can make changes to your Web form by making an edit at any point in time.