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Customer Happiness Rating

Listen to the voice of your customers by implementing customer happiness rating in your helpdesk. With happiness ratings, you can get a glimpse of what customers think about your customer service operations, on each response or at the end of your support (i.e on closing a request).

At the end of the day, you can view the ratings received by Support Reps, contacts or an account using our inbuilt happiness reports.

Before you proceed to setup happiness rating, kindly check its availability for your Zoho Support edition below:

Zoho Support Edition Availability

Enabling Happiness Rating

By default, the customer happiness rating will be disabled for your account. You can enable happiness rating for your helpdesk in a few simple steps.

To enable happiness rating, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Customer Happiness
  3. In the following page, click Get Started
  4. In the Happiness Rating page, provide the following information -
    • Rating Question: Provide a question where you ask customers to mark how satisfied they are with your customer service.
    • Ratings: By default, you are provided with two straight options, Good & Bad. If you'd like to gather neutral ratings, check the Okey option to include it in your rating.
    • Add Rating Link: You must choose an option between-
      1. In every response sent: The rating link will be added to the individual request responses, sent by a Support Rep or,
      2. When a request is closed: The rating link will be sent over the 'Request Closed' notification template on closing a request.
    • Rating Link: You must choose an option between-
      1. Will have rating question alone: Only the rating link will be added to the request responses, sent by a Support Rep or,
      2. Will have rating question with smileys: The rating link will be accompanied by the individual smileys underneath it.
    • Happiness Widget: Check this option if you'd like to display happiness ratings in your self-service portal.
    • Reopen Request: A request that was closed previously can be set to re-open; for bad ratings, all ratings or not to open at all.
    • Enable Ratings For: Specify the departments existing in your helpdesk to send happiness rating for requests handled in them.
    • Notify Request Owner For: You can notify the request owner, when they receive a rating from a customer. Choose to notify for Good; Bad; Okey; or for all ratings received from customers.
    • Besides request owners, you can also notify supervisors or administrators on ratings received from customers. To notify other Support Reps, select them from the drop down menu.
  5. Click Save to record your settings


  • Customers cannot opt-out of receiving rating requests.
  • Happiness rating is per response or per ticket, and not per customer.
  • The rating link is a one-time URL, so customers can't change their rating by accessing it again from their email.

Customizing Rating Options

Personalize the default rating options provided in Zoho Support. You can customize the smilies, rating text and the response displayed after rating a request.

To personalize the rating options, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Customer Happiness
  3. In the Happiness Rating page, click the edit pen displayed on a rating
    • In the edit window, select a smiley from the options provided.
      You can also click to upload a rating icon from an external resource.
    • Customize the text for rating; response shown on specifying a rating and on providing the textual feedback.
  4. Click Save within the pop.
  5. Again click Save in the Happiness Rating page.

You can customize the other rating options, by following the steps mentioned above.

Customizing Rating Place Holders

When you ask for a rating on each response sent to customers, the link will be added just below the signature of a support rep. Support Reps can copy-paste the link to customize its position within the reply-editor.

If you send the happiness rating only on closing a request, the link will be added to the 'Request Close' notification email, just above the Support Reps signature.


  • The system auto-enables the notification rule - 'Acknowledge Contact when a request is Closed', when you choose to send the rating link on closing requests.
  • You can disable the acknowledgement notification. But ensure that you'd setup a workflow trigger for sending out rating links in place of this notification.
  • You can customize the placeholder location in 'Request Close' notification email. Learn more about it here.

Leaving a Feedback for a Request

Customers can rate your support, when they access the Feedback URL on your response to their request or from the 'Request Closed' notification email.

On accessing the URL, customers will be taken to the feedback page where they can leave a rating alongside feedback, if any and click Submit.


  • The feeback page will display the image of the Support Rep(if existing). This adds a personal approach to the feedback session providing the agent with a 'virtual presence'.
  • The Zoho Support logo displayed in the feedback page, can be replaced with your business logo under
    Setup >> Organization >> Rebranding >> Logo.

Viewing Ratings on a Request

A rating left by your customer will be automatically threaded to its related request in Zoho Support. You can view the rating and its associated feedback by selecting the relevant thread on a request.

Displaying Happiness Statistics in Portal

Show-off how good you are by displaying the happiness statistics in your customer facing self-service portal. You can enable this under setup, by checking 'Show in Customer Portal' against Happiness Widget option.

When you enable -

  • Customers can view the overall percentage of Good, Okey and Bad ratings.
  • They can also view the last 100 ratings received for your support, which'll be recalculated every time you receive a rating.

Rating for Requests from Phone

Measuring customer happiness for requests received over phone is as important as for those received from email. So does Zoho Support equips you, to send out a rating link on closing a request received via phone.

To receive ratings for requests from phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Automate section, click Workflows and then click New Rule
  3. Create a workflow rule, as suggested below:
    • Execute rule on - Create
    • Rule criteria - Status <contains> Closed & Channel <contains> Phone
    • Under Workflow Actions, add an Alert
    • In the New Alert window, specify the email template for customer happiness
    • Under Notifications, check Notify Contact
    • Click Save within the alert box
  4. Click Save to put your workflow into action


  • You must create an email template to be sent for this workflow rule. To create a template go to
    Setup >> Customize >> Templates >> Email Templates >> New Template.
  • Remember to add the placeholder - ${Cases.Customer Happiness Rating} within the template, to display the rating link to your customers.

Disabling Ratings

You can disable happiness rating for your helpdesk at any point in time.

To disable happiness ratings, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Customer Happiness
  3. In the Happiness Rating page, click located at the top right corner
  4. Click Disable in the confirmation window

You'd now disabled happiness rating for your helpdesk.