Support Help

Support Representatives

A helpdesk comprises support representatives. Using Zoho Support, you can manage your support team. You can add, edit or remove support representatives from Zoho Support. You can also give them various access priveleges to suit their roles.


  • In Zoho Support, support representatives are also referred to as users.

Types of Support Representatives

  • Standard Users: Standard users can access data depending on the permissions and roles assigned to them. They have access to low-level administrative functions such as customization of the User Interface, adding users to the system, and managing workflow rules.
  • Administrators: Administrators can access the entire system. There must be at least one administrator with permission to access all the data and features in your Zoho Support account.

Adding Support Representatives

You are required to add support representatives from your support team to your Zoho Support account. You can assign certain roles and permissions to each support representative that you add. The permissions that you can assign to your support representatives include:

  • Personal: Allows support representatives to only view all the unassigned requests in the system as well as requests that are assigned to them
  • Public: Allows a support representative to view all the requests in the Zoho Support account
  • Admin: Allows a support representative to access all the data related to your Zoho Support account

You can also create roles and associate them with profiles. For more information, see Roles and Profiles

To add support representatives, do the following:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Users
  3. Click Add Support Rep
  4. Enter the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • E-mail ID
    • Phone
    • Mobile
    • Roles and Permissions
  5. Select the departments that you want to assign the support representative to
  6. Click Create New Support Rep

The support representative will receive an invitation through e-mail. They can log in once they accept the invitation.


  • The system administrator creates users by entering information specific to each user. Once created, the system automatically sends an invitation to the user's registered e-mail ID. Users are required to accept the invitation within 7 days of receiving the e-mail. Once users accept the invitation, they can log in and use Zoho Support.

Re-Inviting Users

Administrators can resend an invitation to a support representative who has not accepted the invitation.

To re-invite users, follow the steps given below::

  1. Log in to Zoho Support using the Administrator's credentials
  2. Click Setup
  3. In the Organization section, click Users
  4. Check the checkbox next to the name of a support representative
  5. Click Re-Invite

The system resends the invitation to the user's e-mail ID.

Deactivating Support Representatives

You can deactivate users and re-activate them as required. Deactivated users will not be able to access the zohocorp account of Zoho Support. Their credentials cannot be used to log in to the customer portal. However, their subscription will not be canceled and you will be able to use the same user license to add another support rep.


  • You will be billed for the number of user licenses you had originally purchased. You cannot use the deactivated ID to log into the Zoho Support account.

To deactivate users, do the following:

  1. Log in to Zoho Support using the Administrator's credentials
  2. Click Setup
  3. In the Organization section, click Users
  4. Check the checkbox next to the name of a support representative
  5. Click Deactivate Support Reps
  6. Click OK

The respective support representative is deactivated and a system-generated e-mail is sent to the user. If you want to re-activate a user, select the user and click Activate Support Reps.

Exporting Support Representatives

You can export your support representatives in .csv format.

To export support representatives, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Users
  3. Check the checkboxes next to the names of specific support representatives
  4. Click Export Support Reps

The support representatives are downloaded to your computer in .csv format.

Resetting Passwords

You can reset your password by using the Forgot Password link on the login page.

To reset password, do the following:

  1. Open
  2. Click Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your registered e-mail address
  4. Enter the characters you see in the image on the page
  5. Click Request

The system sends an automated e-mail to your registered e-mail ID. Click on the link given in the e-mail. You will be redirected to the Password Reset page of Zoho Accounts. Reset your password here.

The password is reset immediately. You can use it to log in to all Zoho services.

Managing Subscriptions

You can manage your subscription from the Zoho Support account. You can view and change the plan that you are currently using. To manage your plan in Zoho Support click Upgrade from the top right corner.