Support Help

Request Detail View

After creating a request, the Request Detail Page will contain the information listed below.

Request Id a unique number is created for every new request which is displayed besides the subject of the request.

Request Owner, Priority and Status values you have selected are displayed under the respective tabs.

In the Request ID detail box, there is an option to Move, Edit and Delete. When you click Move, departments other than the current department of the request are listed. Select any of the department to move this current request in that particular department. Click Edit or Delete link to perform the respective action.

Click which displays the details you have provided to create the request. If you have filled all the predefined fields of the request, then in the Request Details page, the below information are listed:

  • Email id of customer or contact.
  • Phone number of customer.
  • Product name associated with the request.
  • Created by: Support Rep who created the request with created date and time.
  • Modified by: Support Rep who modified the request with modified date and time.
  • Due Date within which the response should be sent to the customers.
  • Mode of customer contact with the support center.
  • Category: Specified category of the request is displayed.
  • Sub Category: Specified sub category is displayed.
  • If you have created any custom field and filled value for the same, then the detail is also listed here.
    To know more about custom field, visit Add Custom Field.
  • The Description and the image attached details are listed. You can also view or download the attachment from this details page.
  • In the right pane of the Request Detail Page Due Date, Contact Information, Overdue Task and Request Pending for Approval are listed.

Due Date

When you select the due date for the request or if there is any SLA applicable, then this detail is listed as due on ... and late by if the due date is over.

Contact Information

The Contact information for the request are listed with the below details.

  • Contact Name
  • Account Name
  • Phone number of the contact
  • Email address of the contact

Overdue Task

If you create any task, with a due date set, then this detail is displayed with the Due on information.

Request Pending Approval

If you (support rep) send this request for approval, then this info is displayed with the From and To details.