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Helpdesk Automations

In customer support operation, there are activities and processes when automated will save a lot of your time and effort. Zoho Support equips you with an array of automation capabilities that allows you to perform actions like assigning requests; setting due dates; notifying customers and Support Reps and the like. For example, a customer support manager may be required to deflect incoming requests to multiple departments. Also, you may need to notify Support Reps when a request remains unassigned for x hours.

Zoho Support gives you the option to automate helpdesk processes with Workflows, Request Assignment rules, SLAs, Time-based actions, Support Contracts and Macros.


Workflows are business rules you define that run immediately after requests are created or modified.
Workflow Rules | Workflow Alerts | Workflow Tasks | Workflow Field Updates | Delete Workflows

Assignment Rules

Assign requests to Support Reps, irrespective of what department a request arrives in.
Create Assignment Rules | How's it Different from Workflows

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Define the level of service based on pre-defined conditions. You can setup up to 4-levels of escalations when a service commitment is not met.
Add SLAs | Enable/Disable Escalations

Time-based Actions

Define conditions and actions that will take effect when a time-event occurs. You can send alerts, modify request properties and assign tasks.
Create Rule | Time-based Conditions | Time-based Alerts | Time-based Tasks | Field Updates

Support Contracts

Define the level of service to be offered and set the contract period for an account or a product.
Add Contract | Add Comments & Attachments | Delete Contracts


Automate your helpdesk in a click. Macros are actions that can be applied to a request manually.
Create Macro | Send Alerts | Assign Tasks | Field Updates | Apply Macro

Notification Rules

Keep your customers and Support Reps informed about developments on their requests, in real time.
Enable Notifications | Customize Templates