Support Help


Customize Zoho Support as per your business requirements.You can edit and customize the layout of the page. You can also complete the following tasks to personalize your Zoho Support account:

Request Statuses

Assign each request with a status, to know how many requests your team has resolved and how many are currently open.
Add Status | Set Default Status | Define Status on Customer Reply


Tabs represent the different modules available in Zoho Support. They can be renamed and organized according to your needs.
Organize | Rename | Customize Search Layout


Create your own custom fields or modify existing ones. Each module contains a pre-defined set of fields, which you can modify.
Add Fields | Add Pick-list Values | Edit Pick-list Values | Map Dependency Fields

Email Templates

Create templates to be used while sending e-mails to contacts and support representatives.
Create Templates | Modify | Delete | Create Template Folders

Request Templates

Auto-populate pre-defined values into request fields while adding a new request.
Create Request Templates

Web Forms

Web forms simplify the process of capturing support requests from your website into your helpdesk.
Create Web forms