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Add Comments

You can add comments as notes to provide technical information about the requests so that the other support rep can handle the request accordingly. You can add the notes from the Requests Home page or Request Detail page.

To add comments from the Requests Detail page,

  1. Open any request from the Request Home page.
  2. Click Comments tab.
  3. Enter the text in the text box for any technical information.
  4. Check or uncheck the option Display in customer self service portal & Notify Contact. If you enable this option, comments will be visible for the respective request in customer portal to customers.

Add Comment

To add comments from the Requests Home Page, do the following:

  • Click Requests tab
  • Select the icon to add comment next to a request as highlighted in the below image.


  • Type the necessary information and check or leave the option Display in customer self service portal & Notify Contact.
  • If you check this option to display in self service portal, the comment displays Shown to customer. And when you hover your mouse pointer over the added comment, Hide from customer is displayed as shown below.

  • If you do not check the option to display in self service portal, then Show to customer option is displayed as you hover your mouse pointer over the added comment.

  • Kindly note that a comment left over a request cannot be edited or deleted at any point in time.

View Request History

To view the history or the past records of how the request is handled or the activities carried out for the request, do the following:

  • Open any request from the request home page.
  • Click the history from the Request Detail page.
    You can find the below details:

When a new e-mail arrives, you can find the status as New with message as New mail received as shown in the below image:

new mail received

When you create a new request, you can find the status as New with message as Request Created as shown in the below image:


If you add an attachment from the attachment tab in the Request Details Page, you can find this detail in history as Attachment

History Attachment

The details of the e-mail thread reply from customer and the reply sent to customer is also displayed as shown below:

Similarly details are updated in the history when you sent up for the below:

  • Service Level Agreement
  • WorkFlow
  • Escalation Rules in SLAs
  • Task

Submit for approval

This option enables the support reps to get approval to work on the request from supervisors. Supervisors will receive an e-mail with a link that leads to Zoho Support to approve or reject the request.aubmit approval
Once, the approval is given, the support rep can work on the request. If rejected, the support rep need not work on the request.

To submit for approval from supervisors, do the following:

  1. Open a Request from the Request Home page.
  2. Click Approval tab and enter the below details in the Submit for Approval section.
    • Choose the user (supervisor) in the To field which is mandatory.
    • Enter the Subject and the Description.
    • Click OK.

Once you have added an approval, the status pending is displayed in the Approvals section of the request. After the supervisor's approval or rejection, the respective status is displayed in the Approval Section.

Add Resolution

You have an option to add Resolution to a request. When a technician is reported about a problem, which has been already cleared by him/her then, he can create a new request, specify the solution in the resolution field, and close the request. This option makes the job easier for the technician to specify the resolution and close the request immediately.

To add resolution for the particular request, do the following:

  1. Open a Request from the Request Home page.
  2. Click Resolution tab or Actions > Enter Resolution and type your solution to customer issue in the text box.
  3. Then either click Save or Save and Add Solution.
  4. Enable Notify Contact so that the customer gets a mail about the resolution.

You can edit or delete using the link that appears next to the added resolution.

Add Task

Tasks can be created to complete specific issues related to the requests. You can create multiple tasks and assign it to various support rep so that they can work on the different issues of the request simultaneously and save on the response time.

To add a task pertaining to a particular request, do the following:

  1. Open a request from Request Home page.
  2. Click Tasks tab (available at the bottom of the request) > Add Task to enter the below mentioned details :
    • Task Owner field is selected as administrator by default. To change this, click the search icon and select the support rep from the list of added support reps.
    • Type the Subject of the task. This field is mandatory
    • Select the Category from the drop down menu e.g. demo.
    • Set the Due Date and time for the task to complete.
    • Choose the Status & Priority from the drop down list. e.g In Progress for status.
      To change the values in the drop down list for Task's Status and Priority, go to SetupCustomization > Fields. Select the module as Tasks and click Edit next to respective fields to provide new values. Refer Edit Pick list Values for more help.
    • Set Reminder to alert promptly through e-mail or Pop up and specify the date and time at which you want the reminder.
      The reminder data and time should be less than the Due Date time set. Also, you can set the reminder only if you have specified the Due Date.
    • Choose the option Send Notification Mail if you want to notify the support rep about the task that is assigned to him.
    • Enter the Description
    • Click Save.


  • Alert through email, alerts the user through e-mail on the specified date and time.
  • Alert through Pop up, alerts through browser pop-ups when the browser is open.
  • You can change the values for Priority and Category fields. Go to Setup > Customization > Fields. Select the module as Tasks and click Edit next to respective fields to provide new values. Also refer to Edit Pick List Values for more information.
  • Also, you can add more fields and for pick list values you can map dependency fields

Change Task Owner

To assign the created tasks to different support reps, do the following:

  1. Open the task either from the Request Details page or from the Task menu.
  2. Click Edit mode.
  3. Change the Task Owner to any other support rep.
  4. Click Save.

Time Entry

In time entry, you can enter the time spent by a support representative on a request and their cost per hour to calculate the wage for the support rep.

  1. Open a Request from the Request Home page.
  2. Click Time Entrytab and fill in the below fields:
    • Support Rep who worked on this Request. You can also click and choose from the listed support reps.
    • Choose Request Charge Type from the drop down menu. e.g. Upgrade Request. If required, you can change the values in pick list. Please refer Time Entry Field List.
    • Enter the Executed Date and time of the Request i.e. the date and time at which the support rep started to work on the request.
    • Type the Hours Spent to complete the request.
    • Enter the Minutes Spent to complete the Request.
    • Enter the Support Rep Cost Per Hour.
    • Type any Additional Cost incurred.
    • The total cost incurred is calculated and filled in the Total Cost field.
    • Enter any Description related to the request.
    • Click Save.

    If you have created more than one time entry for a particular request, then the Total Time spent and the Cost are added and displayed as Total.

    Click the down arrow against each time entry which displays the Support Rep Cost and the Additional Cost.

    Edit Time Entry

    Click the icon next to the time entry that is added and do the required changes.

    Delete Time Entry

    Click the icon and delete the respective added time entry.

    Contract Display

    If you have added a Contract or an SLA for an account, the details of it will be displayed on the right panel of Request's Detail page, for requests received from the account's contacts.