Support Help

Add Tasks

Zoho Support enables you create various tasks for a single ticket and assign it to multiple agents. This enables the agents to simultaneously work on the ticket resulting in saving the response time and leading to happier customers.

To create a new task, do the following:

  1. Click Tasks Home Page.
  2. In the Add Tasks page, provide the below details:
    • The Tasks Owner Name is prefilled.
    • Specify the Subject of the Task which is mandatory.
    • Type the Ticket for which you are creating this task.
    • Select the Category from Call, Meeting or Demo.
    • Set the Due Date before which the task should be completed.
    • Select the Status as Not Started or Deferred or In Progress or Completed or Waiting on Someone Else.
    • Select the Priority as High, Highest, Low, Lowest or Normal.
      • If required, Make a check mark in Set Reminder.
      • Set the date and time in Remind Me On.
      • Select if needed to Alert through Email or Alert through Pop Up.
      • Select Send Notification Mail if you want notification mail to be sent.
  3. Enter the Description related to the account.
  4. Click Save or Save and Add New.