Help Desk Management Software For Your Business

Zoho Support is web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to efficiently manage your organizations customer support activities. With our free help desk software it becomes easier to assign, track, and set up alerts on help desk tickets. You can customize your help desk to make it work for your business and ensure the satisfaction of your customer support experience.

Key Zoho Support Features

Prioritize, Manage and Close Your Customer Support Request

With our help desk management you have control over all incoming customer requests to your support team whether they are contacted via phone, email, or web form. You can set a priority to any incoming request and then work and close those requests in the preferred order.

Create a Helpdesk Solution for Your Support Team

Improve your resolution time and customer service by creating a knowledge base of customer support articles with our help desk solutions. This will allow your support staff to effectively provide the most appropriate solutions for any customer request.

Provide a Customer Support Portal

Help your customers before they even contact your support team. With Customer Support Portal you can create a knowledge base for your customers that is available to them 24/7. This feature also allows customer to create a request and track it online, illuminating the need to contact your support center.

Manage Contracts & Service Level Agreements

When a customer request is created, our helpdesk software will take into account an appropriate resolution time and your business hours. If those parameters are missed, the ticket will be escalated. You will also be notified when a service agreement or contract is about to expire. You can also use the advanced workflow feature which allows you to automate assignments, alerts, e-mails and even create tasks.

Create Standard and Customized Reports

Get detailed reports including all the important facts about your support center's performance. You can determine the average resolution time, amount of requests closed per agent per day, amount of requests opened per product, and more.

Customize Your Help Desk

Control the look and flow of your help desk by customizing working tabs, staff roles and profiles, departments, workflow rules, email templates, web forms, business hours and parameters, help folders, catalogue, accounts, contacts, and more.

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