Rebranding your Helpdesk

Branding is a very powerful component in business and your first step to relate with your customers is the logo. That said, Zoho Support allows you to upload your company's logo, favicon etc. Apart from these you can as well customize the URL for your support portal so that it matches your company domain instead of the Zoho Support domain.

Domain Mapping

Offer support from your own domain using Domain mapping feature in Zoho Support.Your users can access Zoho Support through instead of Also, your URL and permalinks for support bears the address of your own domain. This adds some personal touch to users and also provides your support function a sense of ownership.

Remote Authentication

Streamline user authentication by providing a single login experience. Remote authentication allows your customers to access Zoho Support using the username & password of your own application besides shielding your helpdesk from unauthorized access.


  • Re-brand and provide support without overlooking the fundamentals.
  • Adds personal touch to your customers and also provides your support function a sense of ownership.

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