Build your Customer Community

Zoho Support empowers you to build and engage an active and vibrant community through your self-service portal. A community per-se can be your platform to answer question, support problems, crowd-source ideas, suggest articles, post announcements and a lot more.

Key Features


Community being a component of your self-service portal, customizations performed on your portal will be carried over to your community as well. You can add your business logo and change the default colors for your community, to mimic the rest of your website. It is all yours!


Keep the discussions on your community, organized. Multiple topic types like ideas, questions, problems and announcements will provide your customers with a superior navigation experience besides, reducing the time taken to uncover the best solution.

Private Forum

Building an internal community and encouraging discussions is the easiest way for knowledge sharing within your business. You can setup a private or company-only forum where support agents can brainstorm ideas, discuss support practises and share customer experiences.

Moderate Topics

As your community gains momentum, maintaining a civil environment will become increasingly important. Community setting allows you to moderate the first post in a forum, for you to ensure quality discussions and defuse squabbles if any.

Topic-to-Ticket Creation

Create tickets from topics on the fly. When a customer posts a topic, the system generates a ticket for it in its mapped department. Support agent can respond to a post from within the ticket, which in turn will post a reply to the topic in your community.

When a customer creates a new topic, Zoho Support will automatically suggest a list of pre-existing topics from your community. This will deflect a customer from creating a new post for an already discussed topic besides, finding a solution pretty quick.

Follow and Notifications

Customers and agents can follow other users or topics that reflects their personal interest or of their area of expertise. You can even send an e-mail notification to users about your recent post in the community while keeping track of replies as and when they're left.

Forum Analytics

Measure, dissect and understand the data that you care about most. Monitor your community activity for key statistics like user participation, topic types, response trends, etc.

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