Alerts & Notifications

With Zoho Support, you can set Alerts and Notifications to keep your agents and customers updated about their tickets and tasks through browser pop ups, e-mails or SMS.

Key Features

Ticket Notifications

Customize your notification rules, for both your contacts and agents by defining when and how they need to be informed related to a ticket. Your users can be notified through e-mail or SMS.

Task-Alerts and Notifications

Notify your agents when a new task has been assigned. You can keep your agents in the loop by sending out a notification e-mail or an SMS when a new task has been assigned to them. Set alerts to remind your agents on the task assigned to them. Alerts can be sent on a predetermined date and time through e-mail, SMS or browser pop-up.

Contract Expiry Notification

Notify your agents before a contract is going to expire. While adding a contract you can enable e-mail notification to be sent to a chosen set of agents before a contract expires.


  • Customize templates for e-mail and SMS to notify your agents and customers.
  • Alert the concerned person through email, SMS or browser pop-ups. 
  • Increase the productivity of your agents by keeping them informed about their ticket and tasks.
  • Renew your contracts on time for continuing the current process.

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