Accounts & Contacts

With Zoho Support, you can have your entire Accounts & Contacts information online, available anytime from whatever office your customer support agents might be at. With custom fields and custom screens you can easily customize Zoho Support to address the unique needs of your helpdesk.

Multiple Contacts

Add multiple contacts to a single account and always have access to the information you need about your customers. With Zoho Support you can maintain your entire customer database online.

Your Benefits

  • Create and manage all your customer data from one accesible, securely-stored, completely-online place.
  • Customize fields and enter the exact details your business needs to better support customers.
  • Connect your agents quickly with the contact details they need to deliver results, increasing your productivity.
  • Track your customers' complete support history to anticipate future needs and serve better each-and-every time.
  • Import your contacts, with relevant mapping, to rapidly arm your operation. 

Deliver customer support that builds lasting relationships Start crafting your new customer-centric culture with Zoho Support Today!

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