The easiest, ever!

Transform your Idea of a great website, into A Great Website. Even if you don't know what HTML is, you still can. You'll get the idea if you have ever played with blocks; picking different ones and placing them where you want them to be. That is just what you do with Zoho Sites too.

Drag and Drop

Zoho Sites has an easy-to-use interface that makes everyone feel like designers. You can bring about the design and layout you have in mind, just by dragging the elements into place. So, if an image would look better between two blocks of text rather than alone, just drag it to the new position.

Add Images, Videos, Maps and more

Just plain text alone might not work all the time. Visually appealing websites are ones that have an assortment of engaging elements. Zoho Sites lets you include multimedia elements such as images, videos, presentations, flash animations, maps and more.

Easy to Update

Not just building the website, but Zoho Sites also makes it easy to update content frequently. Be it modifying a block of text alone, or an entire overhaul of the layout, they are no different.

One-click Publish. And Unpublish.

Once you have previewed your website and ensured everything looks great, you are all set to make it live to your users. From the preview screen, you can push your website live with just a click of a button. You can also revoke accessibility of your site instantly for maintenance.

Password-protected pages

Password-protection lets you prevent access to your pages. You can restrict access to any or all pages of your website, using the same password, or unique passwords.