Dynamic Content Management

Updates Real Time

Dynamic Content helps you automatically update the contents that are subject to frequent change like product catalog or customer testimonial etc., on your website.

Creator Database

Every web page is powered by a Zoho Creator database, which stores all content. So, whenever the content on the database is modified, the web page automatically reflects changes.

Page Controls

Page Versions

Every time you publish your content, it gets preserved as page version and you can revert to any earlier version, anytime.

Password Protection

Zoho Sites lets your secure your web pages using password protection. Restrict access to pages of your website, using the same password, or the unique ones.

Page SEO

Optimize your web pages with specific, relevant keywords and description for better ranking on search engines and get more traffic.

Custom 301 Pages

Customize your 301 redirects page and enable access to an old URL related to the previous search done by your visitors.

The Google Connection

Zoho Sites on Google Apps

Your business website on Zoho can seamlessly interact with your contacts on Google. Zoho Sites comes with Single Sign-On, you only need to sign into your Google Apps account, and you'll have access to Zoho Sites on the G1 bar.

Custom Search Engine

Add custom search engine to your website that helps your visitors search for even the tiniest speck of information on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you valuable insights about web-traffic and visitor behaviour. With these insights, you'll know what works best for your website, and what needs attention.

Google AdSense

Google displays ads on your web pages using AdSense and for every click the ad gets, you'll be paid by Google on a per-click basis. Sites takes no cut.

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools is a collection of essential services that let you diagnose search friendliness and monitor the health of your site. These can be accessed using your Google Analytics account.


Reliable Hosting

We serve you fast and reliable hosting with unlimited bandwidth, regardless of how heavy the traffic your website gets. It is always available to your visitors.

Email Hosting

Zoho Sites offers business email hosting with your websites using Zoho Mail. The convenience of hosting and ad free inbox make it ideal for your business.

Domain Registration

Pick a web address that is closest to your business name. You can either use a free subdomain, register your own domain or use a domain that is already registered with a third party.


No commitments, no lock ins. Try Zoho Sites with 7 days free trial. You can switch between subscriptions as you wish. No questions asked.