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"To cap it off, Zoho Sites' sites are mobile-friendly by default."


Zoho Sites is everyone-friendly. To create a website, you no longer need to know HTML and other complex web design stuff. All you do, is drag the elements you would like to have on your website from the toolbar. Repositioning the added elements also works the same way.


A blog is a rich source of traffic for your website, and a great means of engaging your audience with ideas and news. Blog is built into Zoho Sites. Best thing is that you can customize your blog post just the wasy you create other webpages; drag and drop the elements you'd like to include in your blog post.

Pre-built themes

There are ready-made themes and layouts that make it even easier to get started. Pick a theme that best fits your need, and start customizing it. You can switch between themes at anytime, and still retain your content and layout. Browse theme gallery.

Customizable online forms

There also is a gallery of ready-made online forms, like contact form, event registration and surveys. If you have a very unique requirement, then you can also create a custom form, entirely from scratch. That is no different, either; the form builder too has the drag-and-drop interface, and is really easy.

Social Media tools

Zoho Sites has widgets of facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flikr and Picasa that you can add to your website. Social media makes it easy for people to spread a message, find a solution or to recommend what they know to be good. With these elements, you can create websites that are visually appealing, and also helps your visitors to spread the word without having to leave your website.

Free Mobile Website

Whenever you create a website for the web, Zoho Sites automatically generates a mobile website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. When users access your regular website on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the mobile website automatically. All this requires absolutely no extra effort from you.