New in Zoho Sites: PayPal and Google Checkout Payment Buttons, and more.

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This being the first feature update since the release of Zoho Sites, we tried to introduce something for everyone who wants to set up a free website. The most important feature is payment buttons from PayPal and Google to enable monetary transactions. Others include Duplicate pages, Sitemap and RSS feed.

Paypal and Google Checkout

Paypal and Google Checkout buttons are the first step of the e-commerce journey. Accepting payments and donations is now possible in Zoho Sites. Buttons are of three types – Add to Cart, Buy Now and Donate. We believe this will benefit all the non-profit organizations and websites specifically set up to receive donations for causes. Sellers can also find comfort in processing payments from within their website.



Duplicate Pages

If you have been using our free website builder you know now how easy it is to build a website. Now wouldn’t the ability to duplicate pages be absolutely perfect? Duplicate Pages – saves time and is extremely helpful when you have to create many pages with a similar layout.



A sitemap gives your website an SEO advantage. How? Adding a sitemap to your website helps search engines to easily crawl, find and index pages on your site. With support for sitemap.xml, we are making websites primed for search engines. Take advantage of this feature to pull in more traffic.

Blog RSS feed

Your blog page too has an enhancement – The RSS feed. Followers can now subscribe to your blog. The feed eliminates the need to remember a  web URL or bookmarking a page to catch up on later. A visitor has the simple option of subscribing to the blog via the RSS feed to receive all your blog updates through e-mail.

While we work on taking this higher, do try these features out and tell us what you think.

Zoho Sites; The Newest Website Builder At Google Apps Marketplace

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At Zoho, we strive for ideas to run a business with ease, and then transform those ideas into easy-to-use business applications. Realization of yet another such idea was a business website builder for everyone; Zoho Sites. It is also the newest website builder at Google Apps Marketplace. In addition to all its goodness, here’s what Zoho Sites has exclusively for GApps.

Zoho Sites lets you build your business website all by yourself. But if you still want assistance from your colleagues, you can share your webpages with them, let them modify and even publish the changes for you. When sharing your webpages for collaborative editing, Zoho Sites fetches your contacts and organization-members on GApps.

Installing Zoho Sites to your GApps account will list it on the universal navigation bar. As Zoho Sites supports single sign-in, you can create your business website without having to log-in separately.

A website is the face of your business. That is why Zoho Sites never displays annoying advertisements on your business websites. Not even if you are using the free plan. Zoho Sites also lets you make the most of the mobile revolution. A mobile version of your website is automatically generated, and your visitors using mobile devices are smartly directed to the mobile-optimized version; without any extra effort from you.

Any business using GApps is run online, and a website is the starting point of an online presence. So create a website for your business, today. Try Zoho Sites for GApps.

Zoho Sites – Afterparty!

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Last week was definitely a milestone for us. It was when we expanded our portfolio with Zoho Sites, a do-it-yourself website builder. After a week of website building, many early adopters have graciously shared their opinions, and they are very warming indeed. Thanks to TechCrunch, CMSWire, The Hindu and many others who covered the launch.

We’ve put in quite some time and effort in simplifying website building for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. We have already begun acting on the overwhelming feedback we are receiving, so we are sure it’s eventually getting better by the day.

Most of you who had published a website, had experimented with every feature. Thank you for trying Zoho Sites, and even more for sharing your site-building experience. You drive us.

Here are some websites we stumbled upon.

Following a successful launch, we are back to adding missing pieces to Zoho Sites. A shopping cart is the most requested feature till date, and it sounds interesting to us too. Some time soon, you will experience major make-overs, and a few cool new additions to Zoho Sites.

For others who missed out on our announcement, Zoho Sites is a website builder, without the complexity of HTML.
Try Zoho Sites today!

Introducing Zoho Sites, Free Website Builder for your Business​

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We are excited to announce a new addition to our broad application portfolio; Zoho Sites. This new application is a website builder aimed at simplifying website creation, including mobile websites. Users can create websites easily just by dragging and dropping elements, without having to write even a single line of code.

​There are hundreds of Website builders available in the market already. Then, why are we launching Zoho Sites now?​

At Zoho, we want to offer a broad set of business tools, so that you can run your entire business on Zoho. If you look at our portfolio today, we host your email on Zoho Mail, your documents in Zoho Docs, your customer data in Zoho CRM, Accounting data in Zoho Books, Support through Zoho Support….you get the idea. Obviously, website hosting was one of the missing pieces from our portfolio. Until today.

​As you’d expect from Zoho, we created an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder to create your website. We added good number of themes you can build on top of, or customize. We built various widgets (like Google Maps, Google AdSense, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa etc) that you can include in your web pages.​ Zoho Sites offers ‘one-click’ publish to your existing domain or a new domain. And every website that you build on Zoho Sites  will automatically be optimized for Mobile devices.

This is just the beginning.

The application comes with great set of features unique to Zoho. You can create powerful forms such as Contact Form, Feedback, Survey etc…. The form builder is powered by Zoho Creator which lets you collect data from the visitors, without writing any code.

The pre-integrated Zoho Creator backend also powers the Dynamic Content feature. It populates the web page content from the Zoho Creator database bringing advanced features with a simplified interface.

You can collaboratively work on websites with other users by sharing your site with appropriate permissions. You can also add a blog to your site with the built-in blogging platform, analyze your website traffic with the available Google Analytics integration.

If you are a Google Apps user, Zoho Sites is also integrated with Google Apps and is available in Google Apps Marketplace.


Zoho Sites is available in both free and paid editions. The paid edition is priced at $39/year that lets you create up to 6 websites, 10 forms, unlimited pages and offers rebranding along with some advanced features. The free version lets you create two websites, two forms, unlimited web pages and is ad free.

Want to look at a sample website created using Zoho Sites? Check out our Zoholics website. If you access it from your mobile device, you’ll notice that the website is optimized based on your device.

You can get started by creating your website @

The launch of Zoho Sites is an important milestone. Moving forward, you can expect tighter integration with our backed systems like CRM, Support etc. Meanwhile, we would love to hear your feedback on Zoho Sites.