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Moving Data from In-house Databases or Applications

Understand how you could synchronize or upload data from your local in-house databases and applications into Zoho Reports for powerful reporting & analysis


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 Zoho Reports Vs Spreadsheets

Zoho Reports is a superior business intelligence tool when compared to a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.


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 Zoho CRM Advanced Analytics

Visually analyze your Zoho CRM data in depth. Easily create insightful reports and dashboards with the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM.


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Salesforce CRM Advanced Analytics

Slice and dice your Salesforce CRM data the way you want. Instantly track your key performance indicators to proactively manage your sales pipeline.



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 ServiceDesk Plus Advanced Analytics

Jump-start your IT desk analytics with 80+ pre-packaged reports. Empower yourself with KPIs/CSFs that enable you to optimize your IT operations.


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SupportCenter Plus Advanced Analytics

Jump-start your helpdesk analytics with 65+ pre-packaged reports. Empower yourself with KPIs/CSFs that enable you to optimize your helpdesk operations.


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 Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics

Get a complete 360 (deg) view of your Zoho Projects data. Create insightful reports and dashboards using the powerful reporting options of Zoho Reports.


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Reporting on Zoho Creator Apps

Having your data in Zoho Creator and want to analyze it in detail? Zoho Reports offers a couple of ways for doing this.


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 Zoho Reports for ISVs

For ISVs/OEMs looking for a reporting solution to be seamlessly integrated within their product/service, Zoho Reports offers a complete white label solution.



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 Analyse Google Web Analytics Data

Optimize your web marketing operations with Zoho Reports advanced reporting connector for Google Analytics, which empowers you with key performance indicators


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  Analyse Google AdWords Data

Analyze your Google AdWords data much more easily and in depth. Zoho Reports offers a powerful template of reports and dashboards for analyzing your AdWords data.


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 Zoho Reports for Google Apps

If your organization uses Google Apps, you now have access to a full-fledged business intelligence solution, from within Google Apps.


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 Chart-Picker Guide

This chart picker guide offers simple guidelines that enable you to choose the best chart for the occasion.


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Why On-demand (SaaS) Reporting and BI?

On-demand or SaaS BI scores over typical on-premises business intelligence tools in many respects. Also, it is well suited for SMBs.


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Access and interact with the reports & dashboards that you create in Zoho Reports service, from your iPad and Android tablets.


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The charting ability is awesome! I love the product- Stephen Crescenti (Account Executive)

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