Small and Mid-size Businesses

Small and mid-size businesses can use Zoho Reports in a wide range of areas to manage operational costs, improve performance and gain competitive advantage. Effective usage of the business intelligence capabilities of Zoho Reports can reduce costs and improve efficiency of your business operations.

Zoho Reports can be used by any of existing Spreadsheet users, Ad-hoc desktop reporting database users (MS Access, Filemaker pro etc.,) and Packaged specialized Reporting & Analytics tools users. From individuals to collaborative teams, everyone can easily use Zoho Reports for their business intelligence and reporting needs.

Spreadsheet Users

If you are using a Spreadsheet for your day-to-day business data collection and reporting and if you are looking for a powerful, (on-demand), easy-to-use, scalable reporting solution (online) which offers

then, Zoho Reports is for you. It offers:

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Reports Creator or Data Analysts

Powerful reporting and analysis capabilities are essential to help you examine the details of your current business performance, and provide insights into new future business opportunities. Continuous data collection, analysis and report generation for business decision making is a crucial activity not to be missed out. You might need to analyze data from mixed application environments and departments like sales, marketing, finance, customer service etc., for such insights.

Users/team playing this role might be using spreadsheets or custom built reporting tools or costly specialized reporting tools for this need. If you are such a user, or one who is starting afresh and who wish to have a much powerful, easy-to-use, on-demand business intelligence solution, with:

Zoho Reports can fit your Online Business Intelligence and Reporting needs. It offers:

Custom reporting databases and application users

As business needs evolve and the necessity for data collection and analysis is felt, small businesses tend to build their own applications and databases for data collection and reporting. These applications can be specific to a department's needs (like sales, marketing, customer service etc.,) or span across multiple business functions.

It can typically be a custom reporting application(s) built quick-and-fast using Desktop database applications like MS-Access, Filemaker-pro. Or it can be a more grander application based on relational databases like MySQL, SQL Server etc., in combination with an user interface built using a programming language like VB, Java, ASP, etc.,

As business needs evolve, these custom reporting applications hit the following roadblocks:

If you are a user caught in such bottlenecks and want a powerful on-demand business intelligence solution with:

Zoho Reports offers: