Holistic Business Solutions Compounds Productivity Tenfold Using Zoho Reports

Sheri KurdakulPresident of Holistic Business Solutions LLC and official Zoho Partner

Zoho Reports unleashes powerful and complex data into an easy to read and colorful format that everyone can understand

Holistic Business Solutions is a CRM consulting firm that specializes in directing small organizations who want to improve their process management

  • How did you discover Zoho Reports?

    One of our clients was hosting a large US-based conference. It is a conference that happens once in two years. The event involves groups of people from all over the country to assist in the planning. I was hired to manage operations and sponsorships that year. All of a sudden, there was a need to analyze historical data from the previous years' conferences. We didn't have a proper tool and the data was scrambled across various portals. That was when a partner introduced Zoho Reports to me.

  • What problem were you trying to solve?

    The challenge was that the sponsorship lists were reduced to a mere data list in various Excel spreadsheets. Every time someone needed a report, we were muddled up and it took us a long time to find the appropriate information, pull it together, then try to make sense of it. We were running on a huge time constraint. We needed to create multiple reports and share it with everyone at the conference within a very limited time.

  • How did Zoho Reports solve your problem?

    We had our data stored in both Zoho CRM and Excel files. First, we integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Reports, then imported the Excel files into the same database for cross-functional analysis. I have never seen such a simple yet efficient tool. We were able to customize the necessary reports in seconds.

    The next step was to build out customized dashboards specifically for the groups of people who needed particular reports. This was easily taken care of using the Filter Criteria option. Once that was done, I embedded the dashboards into web pages. Voila! everyone had access to what they needed. What could have taken hours to resolve took just 10 minutes for us.

  • What was your organization like before and after Zoho Reports?

    Now, I get to visualize realtime data at the click of a button. Zoho Reports has given us the ability to transform raw data into trend analysis. This allows me to be nimble and make adjustments when needed. We no longer have to rely on other agents who may or may not be available. With Zoho Reports on our side, we are entirely self-sufficient.

  • What do you like best about Zoho Reports?

    Zoho Reports allows us to access information anytime, anywhere. There's no need to rely on anyone to pull the information together for us or interpret the data. Its embedding feature makes it so simple and fascinating to review that it leaves one in awe.

  • So, do your customers like Zoho Reports as well?

    Without a doubt! They love Zoho Reports. Most of them have switched from various tools like Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Who doesn't love a tool that turns powerful and complex data into an easily readable and colorful format that anyone can understand.