Zoho Reports offers Free, Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans

When you sign up with Zoho Reports, you will be set with the Premium plan for a trial period of 15 days. The  Premium plan gives you full access to all the features available in Zoho Reports. 

On completion of the trial period, your subscription will be set to the Free plan automatically. The features specific to the  Premium plan will no longer be available to you. To continue with the  Premium plan or to subscribe to one of the paid plans, you must set up billing for your subscription.

You can choose either monthly or yearly subscription. We offer a 10% discount on yearly subscriptionYour data will be safe and retained fully on upgrade. You won't be charged until you subscribe to a paid plan.

Subscribing to a Paid Plan

You can subscribe to a Zoho Reports paid plan in four easy steps:

  • Click the Subscription link displayed in the top-right corner of your Zoho Reports Home page after you login using your credentials. You will be redirected to the Zoho payments page. This page will display the features and cost of each plan. Each plan comes with specific features along with add-ons to choose from based on your requirement.  

  • Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Once you have decided on the plan, click the Upgrade button available below the corresponding plan.
  • Select the Payment frequency (Monthly and Yearly). You get a 10% discount if you subscribe to an yearly plan. The total cost of the plan based on the subscription interval will be displayed at the bottom. 
  • In case you wish to purchase add-ons, select the number from the respective drop-down boxes (Read more about add-ons).
  • Click Continue.
  • Review your order and click Confirm.
  • Enter the necessary card details, and click Make Payment.

A confirmation message about the upgrade will be displayed.

Purchasing Add-ons

Add-ons are flexible options that enables administrators to purchase additional usersrows, email schedules and API usage limit over and above what is offered in their pricing plan.


Anyone to whom you privately share your Workspaces, tables(data), reports and dashboards for Collaboration is considered a User in the Zoho Reports pricing model. A user is identified by his/her unique email address, with which their Zoho Reports account was created/registered.


The number of rows (records) is the sum of all data rows/records stored across all your tables across Workspaces in your Zoho Reports account. Suppose you have 2 Workspaces with 3 tables in each of them. And each table contains say 100,000 rows. The total number of rows in your Zoho Reports account is calculated as 600,000.

Email Schedules

You can periodically schedule emails to users attaching the latest reports and dashboards created in Zoho Reports. This enables you to keep the users updated with the latest report.

API Usage Limit

Each Zoho Reports API method has been associated with a defined quantum of units. The units consumed by your application will be calculated based on how often the different API methods are invoked in your application on a per day basis. 

To purchase add-ons from a Paid plan

  • Log into Zoho Reports.
  • Click the Subscription link in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the add-on that you wish to opt for and select the corresponding option (as shown in the snapshot)

  • Select the number of units you wish to purchase and click Continue.
  • Review your order and click Confirm.
  • Enter your credit card details and click Make Payment.

Upgrading from one Paid Plan to Other

  • In your Zoho Reports homepage, click the Subscription link.
  • Hover over the existing plan and then click Upgrade/Downgrade Plan.

  • Click the Upgrade button below the plan that you wish to upgrade to.
  • Make the payment.

Downgrading from a Plan

You can downgrade your subscription plan, if required.

  • In your Zoho Reports homepage, click the Subscription link.
  • Hover over the existing plan and then click Upgrade/Downgrade Plan.

  • Click the Downgrade button below the plan that you wish to downgrade to.
  • Click Confirm

Canceling your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription plan, if required.

  • In your Zoho Reports homepage, click the Subscription link.
  • Hover over the existing plan and then click Cancel Subscription.

  • Click Confirm Downgrade.

Accessing your Current Plan Usage

You access your current plan details,

  • Click the Settings link in your Zoho Reports homepage.
  • The Your Current Plan page opens displaying the details of your current plan. You can check your plan limit and usage from this page.