Amazon RDS

Import data from Amazon RDS

If you have stored your data stored in MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL or Maria DB database hosted in Amazon RDS, then you can easily import the data into Zoho Reports. You can easily setup data import from the Amazon RDS cloud databases using the simple setup wizard. You can also setup schedules to periodically fetch the latest data from these databases into Zoho Reports.

Important Note

  • In case you are already using the Upload tool to import data from the Amazon RDS, we strongly recommend you to use this new import process to fetch the data into Zoho Reports. 
  • It is very simple and does not require any software to be installed. You can completely manage the import process from the Zoho Reports web interface itself.
  • With this easy setup process, you can import your data into Zoho Reports and setup periodic schedules within minutes.

In this chapter we are going to learn about importing data from the following Amazon RDS databases: