Financial Analytics

Finance is the health meter of your business. It reflects the health of your business with respect to the current performance, areas of concerns, future directions/actions and opportunities. The ability to consolidate results, analyze and report what has happened, and conceptualize on what will happen is critical to the organization.

Finance needs powerful tools for consolidating different data, analyze it, identify performance trends and to arrive at short term/long term goals. These tools should let Finance to:

Zoho Reports with its on-demand & collaborative business intelligence capabilities can address the needs of any Finance department. You can consolidate different financial data into Zoho Reports by uploading or pushing the same from your existing financial applications or spreadsheets. You can also directly enter data into Zoho Reports through its easy-to-adopt 'Spreadsheet-like' interface. Once the data is consolidated/collected, it enables you to easily analyze the business information and derive the necessary reports for analysis and decision making.

The collaborative features of Zoho Reports, also enables one or more members in the Finance team to collaboratively analyze the data and come up with the required business insights.

Revenue Analytics

With Zoho Reports analyze the different facets of revenue for more insights like:

Operational Cost Analytics

Analyze the different component of Operational costs involved like:

Cash Flow Analytics

Analyze the actualization of receivables and payments for better performance

Debt vs Assets Analysis

Analyze your Debts, Assets and Market Value

Historical Analytics

Historically analyze all the financial data comparing past and current performance. Also arrive at forecast based on it.

And do much more ...

Zoho Reports with its powerful & easy to use visual analysis capabilities, combined with collaborative features, helps you & your team to easily come up with any type of report/analysis independently, with no help from your IT guy.

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