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Financial health

Finance is the health meter of your business. Paint a complete picture of your business by consolidating financial data and reporting your performance.

Cashflow analysis

Analyze cashflow across departments, products and regions. Compare past data with current data and arrive at a forecast based on it.

  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Business Intelligence Tool

Profitability analysis

Identify your most and least profitable client, products and services. Analyze and anticipate sales and profit. Increase profitability by making data-driven decisions.

Debt vs Asset analysis

Analyze your debts, assets and market value. Track key metrics such as debt to equity ratio, interest on debts, capital employed and returns and more.

  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Business Intelligence Tool

Data blending

Combine data from different sources and create cross functional reports. For example, combine your financial data along with CRM data to create an activities/lead report.

Collaborative analytics.

Develop reports together with your financial team and share the data and reports securely with fine-grained access controls.

Business Intelligence Tool

Advanced Financial Analytics for Zoho Finance, Quickbooks, and Xero

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Customer Buzz

Clairissa SDirector of Content, Macmillan Learning

Zoho Reports is incredibly fast and intuitive to create reports. I appreciate the automated drill down and the ability to view underlying data very easily. I can sync multiple data pools to one logical view and publish these reports with user controls so people can make their own slices instantly.

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