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Analytics is an important function that should go hand-in-hand with any departmental operations. Continuous data collection, analysis and report generation on your operations enables better decision making & provides insights which are crucial for business success. Analytics also provides insights into future business opportunities and your competition.

'Measure' is an important verb in the 4-step-cycle of any business operation, apart from Planning, Execution and Refinement (fine-tuning). 'Measuring' business operations involves both data collection and its analysis for business insights. These insights eventually drive the need for fine-tuning/modifying existing business processes to ensure that we achieve the established business goals.

Zoho Reports with its on-demand capability for powerful reporting and business intelligence, enables you to effectively 'Measure' your business operations and identify key business insights to achieve your business goals.

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Alex James Brown

Been playing with Zoho Reports today - give it a few CSV files, set up some relationships, and BOOM! Reporting, sorted.. pretty cool.