Chart Creation

To create a chart, click New -> New Chart View, upon selecting the corresponding table or Query Table.Watch demo

Drag and Drop based Chart Creation

Use the intuitive drag and drop based designer to construct the required chart. Drag the columns listed on the left pane and drop them in the appropriate shelves in the design area. Learn More

Multiple Y - Axis

You can create charts with multiple Y - axis. Below is an example chart having Sales, Cost & Profit in the Y-axis.

Applying Powerful Filters

You can apply powerful filters over charts by selecting the Filters tab in the design area.
These are design time filters applied when you create a chart.

Below is a screenshot of the Sales-Cost-Profit data chart with the filter applied for the year 2015 alone. Click to know more.

Dynamic Filters for User Interaction

Zoho Reports allows you to include dynamic filtering capability in the reports you create, known as User Filters.
User filters enable your users who access the report, to apply filters on the data displayed. Learn More

Drill Down

With the drill down feature, you can start with a category in the chart to drill down the hierarchy. This helps you to perform exploratory analytics of the category, right away in the same window. Click to know more

Chart Types

You can choose to view your chart in any of the wide range of chart types offered by Zoho Reports, depending on the data.

Zoho Reports supports Line, Bar, Combination, Scatter, Stacked Bar, Pie, Funnel, Ring, Area, Stacked Area, Web and Table chart types.

If you require more information or have questions on Zoho Reports, you can